Grange Hill Events!

Grange Hill Gold might have been quiet over the Summer, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact, we’ve been working on something very big, alongside The Good Grief Trust; a true celebration of 40 years of Grange Hill!

The two events will reunite cast from all eras of Grange Hill and are taking place in September 2018.

GH15thFinalThe first event is a ‘Fan Event’ (Saturday 15th September) at Elstree Studios and is a chance for fans to meet cast members, see interview panels, have autographs signed and photos taken, as well as a specially served school dinner. Tickets are available here. Cast attending are : Michelle Herbert, Abigail Brown, Lucinda Duckett, Linda Slater, George Armstrong, Paul McCarthy, Mark Baxter, Tony McPherson, Joanne Boakes, Lisa East
Brian Capron, Gary Hails, Erkan Mustafa, Lisa York, Alison Bettles, Nadia Chambers, John Harris, Carleen Beadle, Andrew Cornell, Karen Lewis, Lucinda Curtis, Aran Bell, Fiona Lee Fraser, Fleur Taylor, Norman Pickles, Rachel Victoria Roberts, Ian Congdon Lee, Alan Cave, Renee Montemayor, Spud Hudson, Jalpa Patel and Tracey Murphy. (All guests appear subject to work commitments and may cancel at any time). The event runs from 11am-5pm and has been arranged in aid of The Good Grief Trust, by charity founder and former GH cast member, Linda Slater (Susi McMahon).

GalaBallCasteditThe second event is on the 22nd September at the Bluebird Restaurant at Television Centre; another former home of Grange Hill. The evening event involves a sit down meal, entertainment from Tight Fit, and 80s disco and on stage presentations. Cast confirmed for this event are : Todd Carty, Michelle Herbert, Abigail Brown, Lucinda Duckett, Linda Slater, George Armstrong, Donald Waugh, Mark Baxter, Tony McPherson, Joanne Boakes, Lisa East,Brian Capron, Lisa York, Alison Bettles, Nadia Chambers, John Harris, Carleen Beadle,  Fiona Lee Fraser, Simon Vaughan, Sara McGlasson, George Wilson, Ricky Simmonds, Fleur Taylor, Rachel Victoria Roberts, Ian Congdon Lee, Alan Cave, Colin Ridgewell, Kate Bell, Luisa Bradshaw White, Renee Montemayor, Spud Hudson, Tracey Davis and Niki Grosse. (All cast appear subject to work commitments and may cancel at any time). Tickets are currently sold out for this unique event.

All events are raising money and awareness for the Good Grief Trust and will provide a unique one off experience to help celebrate 40 Years Of Grange Hill. Grange Hill Gold will be bringing you all the latest news and reports from these events.





Royal Holloway – Event Review


28th April 2018 saw Kaleidoscope TV celebrating 40 years of Grange Hill, in a special event at Royal Holloway, Surrey, in aid of the Good Grief Trust. Reuniting cast and crew, the event proved to be a fantastic day for all fans of Grange Hill.  Our full review and photo gallery is now online here.

If you missed this event, but would like to attend another Grange Hill 40th Birthday event in September 2018; click here for ticket details.  

Connected by Coaching!

article-2584237-1C69FFCD00000578-169_634x999Lisa Hammond is currently starring in BBC’s Eastenders as Donna Yates. As well as being a former Grange Hill pupil (Denny Roberts) between 1994-1996, Lisa also has a connection to Grange Hill’s earlier past ; she’s being creatively coached by Sheila Chandra who played Sudhmani Patel (1979-1981).

Sheila and Lisa talk about the process of Creative Coaching and reminisce about their time at Grange Hill in our exclusive feature. You can read this online here : find out about the benefits of Creative Coaching, Ice Cream eating competitions, choir trips to Germany and much more!

Celebrate GH’s 40th Birthday!

gh40We said we have been busy, but now we can finally announce details of the exciting project we’ve been working on; a huge event bringing together the cast of Grange Hill to celebrate the 40th anniversary! Alongside Linda Slater (Susi McMahon), Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott) and the team at Grange Hill Events, we are delighted to announce details of this event; all in aid of The Good Grief Trust charity!

Taking place on Saturday 15th September 2018 at Elstree Studios, home of Grange Hill for many years, this 6 hour event will bring together cast from all eras of the show. Fans will have a chance to meet the cast, see panel interviews, have autographs signed and experience many more EXCLUSIVE opportunities at the BIGGEST GRANGE HILL EVENT EVER!

Tickets are available NOW, by visiting

Keep visiting Grange Hill Gold for regular updates about exactly what you can enjoy at this UNIQUE experience.


Keep Visiting!

casts73rdyearIt’s been a busy few months here at Grange Hill Gold – so busy that we haven’t updated the site in a while. However, you will soon be able to find out exactly why we’ve been so busy! Coming soon to Grange Hill Gold we have exclusive interviews with George Armstrong (Alan Humphries), Darren Cudjoe (Clark Trent) , Sheila Chandra (Sudhamani Patel) and Lisa Hammond (Denny). As well as that we have a full report of the Kaleidoscope event to celebrate 40 years of Grange Hill that happened in April, new additions to our cast card page, extra editions of Grange Hill Golden Wonder photo strips and Grange Hill Juniors comic strip! For regular updates keep visiting the page or follow us on Twitter at @grangehillgold

Ronald Smedley Interview Now Online!

gh40Series 9-12 are seen as some of the most successful years of Grange Hill. Not only did the show cover the huge Just Say No / Zammo drugs storyline, it also saw production move to the BBC’s recently purchased Elstree studios, as well as having even more episodes per series than ever before. The ‘man in charge’ during this time was producer Ronald Smedley. As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, Grange Hill Gold are proud to present our exclusive interview with the ‘real’ headteacher of Grange Hill!

Ron Smedley“Looking forward to see my interview on line – you’d better not wait much longer as my 90th birthday comes nearer and nearer and the weather colder and colder!” Ronald told us.  You can read our exclusive interview here.


Artwork Offer

kgrhqfime8lpbjfbpegv9gbw60_3.jpggh40As iconic as any Grange Hill character is the original title sequence itself. The infamous ‘sausage’ has gone down in TV legend. Produced by artist Bob Cosford, the artwork for the title sequence was used on the series for 10 years. Bob’s company EyeDream Pictures have been producing limited edition prints of the artwork for the past few years, but this month has a special offer for Grange Hill fans, to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Usually retailing at £125, for the month of April prints are reduced to £99. For more details click here.

Bob also told us some news “I will also have a new print of the Grange Hill art available soon created for and signed by Phil Redmond and myself. I’ll being posting it on the page soon after the latest offer ends.”


You can read our exclusive interview with Bob here.