“A Totally Unique Thing”

oppl1wtsLast month we were fortunate enough to be able to interview Ricky Simmonds who played the legendary Ant Jones between 1986-7. The character’s constant clashes with Mr Bronson and his romance with Georgina kept viewers glued to Grange Hill. In our exclusive, feature length interview, Ricky reveals which part he originally auditioned for, which co-star he was best-man for, his thoughts on the Just Say No record and the truth behind his infamous hairstyle! He also talks about how he moved from acting into music, and how he even tempted Mr Bronson to make a record with him!

This is Ricky’s first interview about Grange Hill for many years, and we were delighted to be able to finally secure an interview with him. Huge thanks to Ricky for taking time to talk to us, and for being reminiscing with us about his great times at Grange Hill.

Read our brand new interview here.