Fiona Lee-Fraser Interview Now Online!

laurareagans9You can now read our exclusive interview with Fiona Lee-Fraser, who played one of Grange Hill’s most popular characters between 1986-1988. Laura Reagan, daughter of PE Teacher, Mrs Liz Reagan, was involved in numerous story-lines including a romance with Steven Banks, the canal trip and an infamous attempt to attend an all night party! Fiona Lee-Fraser talks exclusively to Grange Hill Gold in our brand new interview. You can check it out here.

This Morning With Ziggy

Ziggy actor George Wilson recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning, being interviewed by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. George who was appearing to promote his autobiography ‘From Grange Hill To Bipolar And Beyond’, talked openly about his struggles since leaving Britain’s most famous school. You can watch the full interview below.

You can order George’s book here.

Valentine’s Treat

41788466_10156972713189274_2477965769221079040_nTo help celebrate Valentine’s Day, and share some of the Grange Hill love, we are pleased to announce that our much anticipated interview with Fiona Lee Fraser (aka GH’s  Laura Reagan) will be online from 17:10pm on 14th February.  Tune-In on Friday at the traditional GH time to read all about Fiona’s Grange Hill memories.

GH Celebrity Pointless

pointless grange hill 2020As 2020 begins, BBC 1 reunites two of Grange Hill’s best known stars for an edition of Celebrity Pointless. Gwyneth Powell, who played head-mistress Mrs McClusky, throughout the 1980s, joins George Christopher, who played Ziggy Greaves. The two pair up as a team on a special Children’s TV themed episode of the popular quiz show, which is being broadcast at 1815 on Saturday 3rd January on BBC1. 

The two were delighted to be reunited; not having seen each other since 1989, when George left Grange Hill.  Since rekindling their friendship, Gwyneth even contributes to George’s autobiography ‘From Grange Hill, to Bipolar and Back’ which is available here.

You can find out more about George’s book in our post here.

We can’t reveal any results from the finished quiz-show, so you’ll just have to tune-in to see whether Mrs McCluskey and Ziggy Greaves can reach the top of the class!

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Ziggy’s Story

IMAG0038From 1986-1989, George Christopher played Scouser, Ziggy Greaves in Grange Hill. Arriving from Liverpool, happy go-lucky Ziggy befriended Robbie Wright, got into all kinds of schemes with Gonch and cheekily charmed his way through the school, becoming one of the show’s best remembered characters.

After leaving Grange Hill in 1989, George continued to act – going on to join another Phil Redmond production, Brookside, as Little Jimmy Corkhill.

However, despite his acting success, George began to struggle with his own mental health, eventually being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

41ao33e9VXLNow, George tells his full story in his autobiography ‘From Grange Hill, To Bipolar And Back’ published earlier this month. Like the title states, the book tells George’s story, from his early acting days, through to his struggles with bipolar, and how he has been able to move beyond.

In this truly honest autobiography, George explains how bipolar has affected him, leading to him being sectioned several times. But with exceptional candour, George examines his own strengths and weaknesses and explains how he has begun to move beyond bipolar. The story is both inspiring and uplifting, told in George’s unique witty style.

For Grange Hill fans, George goes into detail about his time on the show, revealing how his friendship with John Alford began with a fight, how he once had a real life telling off from Mr Bronson and how he missed a real-life encounter with his namesake; Ziggy Stardust (aka David Bowie)! As well as this, the book features comments from many of George’s Grange Hill co-stars.

Grange Hill Gold was honoured to be asked to edit George’s biography. We can guarantee that not only will it entertain, it will also move and inspire readers, with its honest, humorous and moving retelling of the story so far of the man who brought Grange Hill legend Ziggy Greaves to life!

Click on the links below to order either the paperback or kindle editions.


Happy Christmas!

Grange Hill Gold would like to wish all our visitors, contributors, Grange Hill fans, cast and crew, a very Merry Christmas.

What better way to celebrate than with the story of a Donkey and the 1985 Christmas Special

Behind The Scenes – Series 12

BTS12dGrange Hill Gold is thrilled to be able to share an exclusive gallery of behind the scenes photos from Series 12. GH Fan, Mark Enoksen, was fortunate enough to visit the set during the filming of Danny Kendall’s funeral. Mark tells us about his set visit and kindly shares his amazing backstage photos. See it all here. All photos (c) Mark Enoksen and not to be reproduced without permission.

Series 7 and 8 OUT ON DVD!


Monday 11th November sees the release of Series 7 and 8 on DVD. Containing 37 episodes, including the complete series 7 and 8, it also contains the 1981 Christmas Special – the final episode to feature Tucker and his pals.

Series 7 contains some of Grange Hill’s most memorable moments, including Jeremy Irving’s death in the swimming pool and Roland and Mr Baxter getting stuck on an orienteering course. Series 8 sees the arrival  of Mr Bronson and a whole new bunch of first years, including : Gonch, Hollo, Calley and Ronnie.

Check out our exclusive gallery of photos from Series 8 here.


Classic Moments S7&8 No. 10



Suzanne, Claire, Stewpot and Glenroy are invited to be part of the U.N. association conference and, alongside Mr McGuffy, join other schools for a weekend away discussing global issues. Glenroy uses the event to express his views about world poverty, whilst Claire is wined and dined by a boy from a posh school, and Stewpot and Pogo fall for the same girl. Featuring a special appearance from David Bellamy (as himself), this special two part story-line sees the fifth form enjoy some time away from Grange Hill.

Cast members particularly enjoyed the filming of this episode, as being on location meant time away, whilst the story-line meant plenty of new people to potentially romance!

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GH David Bellamy

Classic Moments S7&8 – No. 9



Having spent most of the year working on the musical ‘Brighton Rock’, and overcoming various casting disasters, Mr McCartney and Miss Washington are hoping that the end of term will be a success. Out of favour, Banksie tries to help give extra punch to the musical, but is disappointed when no one will listen. However, half way through the show his plan to have real life motorbikers on stage is revealed – will Mrs McCluskey agree to his plan to save the show?

Re-live classic Grange Hill moments like this by pre-ordering Grange Hill Series 7 and 8 on DVD here.




Grange Hill S8

Karen Ford as Ginny Booth & Michael Sheard as Mr. Bronson GRANGE HILL S8 TX 18.02.85 32661-11 BBC COPYRIGHT