“‘Ere Stewpot… Meet You In Lisbon”

img_5333You don’t expect to bump into people you know on holiday….. but you definitely don’t expect to bump into your former Grange Hill co-star.

As our photo shows, this is exactly what happened to former cast members Peter Moran (Pogo Patterson) and Mark Burdis (Stewpot Stewart), when they went on separate holidays to Lisbon in Portugal.

Lets hope that no crazy money making schemes were involved!

Goodbye 2018….


And so as we wave goodbye to 2018, we also wave goodbye to Grange Hill’s 40th anniversary year….. and what a year its been.

As well as a TV reunion between Trisha Yates and Tucker Jenkins, there has also been 3 reunion events, reuniting cast from all eras of the show. Besides this, there have finally been some more official DVD releases, with Series 5 and 6 released in November. Cast members also said a sad goodbye to George A. Cooper who played Mr Griffiths. Here at Grange Hill Gold we were able to publish a range of brand new interviews with cast including Fleur Taylor (Imelda Davies) and George Armstrong (Alan Hargreaves). We were also fortunate enough to interview many of the cast on stage. It has been a truly celebratory year.

So from Grange Hill Gold……… Happy 40th Birthday Grange Hill . . . . .welcome to 2019.