1987 Golden Wonder Comics

In 1987, at the peak of its popularity, and following the completion of the Just Say No storyline, crisp producers Golden Wonder contacted the BBC and Phil Redmond regarding giving away some free Grange Hill merchandise within multipacks of their crisps. They also ran a promotion where you could get an exclusive 1988 Grange Hill diary for only £1:99


Golden Wonder gave away one of four comics in every multipack. A6 in size, each 12 page comic book consisted of an exclusive photo story (comissioned for these booklets) involving key cast members and a competition in which entrants could either win a day on set, or (if aged between 11-15) an appearance on Grange Hill.

The titles were as follows :

1) The Sting (featuring Ziggy, Danny and Imelda)

2) Question of Confidence (featuring Danny)

3) Out Of Order (featuring Steven and Cheryl)

4) Misfits (featuring Fay)

Unfortunately very few of these comic books survive, but you can read Book 1 – The Sting and Book 3 – Out Of Order exclusively in our gallery!

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