Gripper Stebson Interview NOW ONLINE!

seriesfive053In the history of Grange Hill there have been many school bullies, but none made quite the same impact as the legendary Gripper Stebson. To say he wasn’t very nice is an understatement; whether he was racially abusing fellow pupils, stealing dinner money or making poor Roland ‘Guts’ Browning roll down the corridor, Gripper Stebson did it all!

Fortunately Mark Savage who played Gripper is a very different character; he talks exclusively to Grange Hill Gold in a brand new interview here.

Huge thanks to Mark Savage for taking part in the interview. Mark is still acting and appears in The Squeaky Clean at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre from 3-21st September. Tickets are available here.


Grange Hill Events! New Site Launched!

GHLogo A Grange Hill convention was first suggested by Michael Sheard (Mr Bronson) to Grange Hill Gold, ten years ago. Now after several cast reunions and aborted convention attempts, a new website has been launched, promising just that! Grange Hill Events will be announcing some Grange Hill themed events involving cast members very soon. You can follow them on twitter here, visit their facebook page here, or visit their great site by clicking on here.

They promise some major announcements very, very soon!

Grange Hill Gold will share more details as soon as they become available.

‘That’s 20p Fat Man!’


8B267FC158399E548D7E4281ADC9FBGrange Hill Gold was fortunate enough to grab an interview with Mark Savage who played Gripper Stebson; Grange Hill’s best remembered school bully.  This exclusive interview will be online soon. . . . . . . . and if you don’t hand over your dinner money we won’t post it! (Though we probably will!)

In the meantime, here’s a brief extract in which Mark talks about his current projects, with some links to visit too.

“I start rehearsals for a play, The Squeaky Clean, with The Bootleg Theatre Company in August, directed by Colin Burden, written by Roger Goldsmith. It runs from 2nd September for 3 weeks at Wimbledon theatre studio. I play Martin, the lead. Tickets are available here.

‘Alone With Me’  is a short film I did last summer, which is now available on IndieFlix. You can see the trailer here.

 I also co-run a film company: NW6 Films (Please like our facebook page!) I’m the producer & director, my business partner, Thomas Jones, is cinematographer & editor. We’ve produced a documentary & a short film.”

The Speaking Wall

Miss BoothFollowing our recent interview with Karen Ford who played art teacher Miss Booth, Grange Hill Gold was thrilled to receive some feedback about our re-launched site from the lady herself.

“Delighted !

 Just had a look and its all brought back many fond memories
Thank you.”
If you haven’t read our 2013 interview with Karen, then click here.