Great Scott! It’s Claire!

12540581_10207313820496869_5692738589363409611_nIt’s been a long time coming, but it really is worth the wait!

Click this link to read our brand new exclusive interview with the truly lovely Paula Ann Bland. Paula played Claire Scott between 1981 and 1985 and tells us all about life at Grange Hill and what happens when you leave school behind!

Here Comes The Boys!

Our correspondent Simon Streek gives us an exclusive report about last week’s reunion in Wellingborough; reuniting one of Grange Hill’s best remembered duos!

Saturday 4th November saw the second Reunion in a year to the day of two of Grange Hill’s most notable characters, George Wilson and John Alford, or Ziggy Greaves and Robbie Wright as some may know them better.  The Reunion was the mastermind of Fan, Gemma Patrick, and brought fellow fans to Wellingborough just outside London, for an evening with George and John coupled with an 80s disco.

After introductions, a question and answer session began, revealing some interesting insights.  George (Ziggy) explained about how on his first day he met John (Robbie) on the coach, he thought he was cocky and disliked him straight away (this brought about fits of laughter from John), but by the end of the week they became pals and never fell out.  John was asked about his singing career, but he declined a request to sing his hit “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”!  In response to a fan question as to whom they would have liked to have had a storyline with on Grange Hill, both said that they would have loved to have had a big storyline with Mr Bronson, played by Michael Sheard.  George in particular admired Michael’s acting talent.  John added that for him Danny Kendall and Terence Ratcliffe were two of Grange Hill’s best characters.

After questions had finished, there was an opportunity for fans to have their photos taken professionally with George and John.  80s music played throughout the evening and the dance floor boasted a number of Madonna and 80s clad ladies and gents strutting their stuff.  The evening was a thorough success and left the Fans eager for more Grange Hill Reunions!

Thanks to Simon Streek for report and photos