Farewell Mr Brisley

Adam_Ray2It is with sadness that Grange Hill Gold has to report the passing of Adam Ray, Grange Hill’s Mr Brisley.

Joining Grange Hill in 1992, Adam played Tom Brisley, the school’s art teacher until 1999. Fair, creative and firm Mr Brisley became a popular teacher at Grange Hill. The character caused controversy when it was revealed that he was gay, but Adam’s portrayal and sensitively written scripts received positive praise from critics.

Adam left Grange Hill after moving to Australia with his family, where he continued to act and work in design, proving he was just as talented artistically as his alter ego; Mr Brisley.

Adam Ray – 21st June 1958 – 12th October 2014

Miss Booth visits Weatherfield!

B0anSnpIQAAwDcxIMAG0007Coronation Street viewers and Grange Hill fans had a pleasant surprise this week when actress Karen Ford appeared in Weatherfield. Karen, best known for playing Grange Hill’s art teacher Miss Booth, arrived on Coronation Street as ‘Kerry Waddle’ ; a potential client for Carla Connor’s Underworld.

To find out about Karen’s time at Grange Hill and what she’s been up to since hanging up Miss Booth’s painting smock, read our exclusive interview here.