Interviews 1

Exclusive interviews with cast/crew of Grange Hill



Ann Wilson (S1)  played by Lucinda Duckett

Justin Bennet (S1-5)  played by Robert Craig Morgan

Tommy Watson (S1-5) played by Paul McCarthy

Antoni Karamanopolis (S2-4)  played by Vinny Mann

Mr Sutcliffe (S2-4)  played by James Wynne

Anita Unsworth (S3-6) played by Joanne Boakes

Matthew Cartwright (S3-4) played by Nicholas Pandolfi

Miss Mooney (S3-6) played by Lucinda Gane

Mrs McCluskey (S3-14)  played by Gwyneth Powell

Jonah Jones (S5-6) played by Lee Sparke

Jeremy Irvine (s6-7) played by Vincent Matthews

Zammo Maguire (s5-10) played by Lee Macdonald

Roland Browning (s5-10) played by Erkan Mustafa

Julie Marchant (s5-10) played by Lisa York

Miss Booth (S8-14) played by Karen Ford

Mr Bronson (S8-12) played by Michael Sheard

Ziggy Greaves (S9-12) played by George Christopher

Cheryl Webb (S9-10) played by Amma Asante

Justine Dean (S11-16) played by Rachel Victoria Roberts

Susi Young (S11-12) played by Lynne Radford

Mandy Freemont (S12) played by Melanie Hiscock


Bob Cosford (Original Titles Artist)

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