Goodbye Grange Hill

It is with sadness that Grange Hill Gold has to report the loss of two Grange Hill alumini.

1240634_10151835032496838_1591284952_nFirstly, after trying to locate her for a cast reunion, it was discovered that Joann Kenny who played Jane Bishop between 1985-1988 passed away three years ago. Joann continued to act after leaving Grange Hill, appearing in the Doctor Who story ‘The Curse Of Fenric’ and The Bill. She was also a keen dancer. GrangeHillEvents have decided to dedicate their first event to Joann and will be raising money for the charity Dandelion Time in her memory.

Secondly, writer Robert Leeson died in early October aged 85. Though he41zA2zAF0GL never wrote an episode of Grange Hill, Robert brought the characters to life in 6 of the best selling early Grange Hill novels, which he insisted would not be rewrites of previous episodes but his own new stories using the familiar characters. Robert was a highly regarded writer for young adults and his contribution to the success of Grange Hill outside the medium of television was invaluable. An obituary can be read here.

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