“‘Ere Stewpot… Meet You In Lisbon”

img_5333You don’t expect to bump into people you know on holiday….. but you definitely don’t expect to bump into your former Grange Hill co-star.

As our photo shows, this is exactly what happened to former cast members Peter Moran (Pogo Patterson) and Mark Burdis (Stewpot Stewart), when they went on separate holidays to Lisbon in Portugal.

Lets hope that no crazy money making schemes were involved!


Goodbye 2018….


And so as we wave goodbye to 2018, we also wave goodbye to Grange Hill’s 40th anniversary year….. and what a year its been.

As well as a TV reunion between Trisha Yates and Tucker Jenkins, there has also been 3 reunion events, reuniting cast from all eras of the show. Besides this, there have finally been some more official DVD releases, with Series 5 and 6 released in November. Cast members also said a sad goodbye to George A. Cooper who played Mr Griffiths. Here at Grange Hill Gold we were able to publish a range of brand new interviews with cast including Fleur Taylor (Imelda Davies) and George Armstrong (Alan Hargreaves). We were also fortunate enough to interview many of the cast on stage. It has been a truly celebratory year.

So from Grange Hill Gold……… Happy 40th Birthday Grange Hill . . . . .welcome to 2019.

Remembering Mr Griffiths

IMAG0002George A. Cooper who played Grange Hill care-taker, Mr Griffiths between 1985-1991, died on 16th November, aged 93. 

Having started his career as an architect and an engineer, his acting career began in earnest after the Second World War. He became an integral part of Joan Littlewood’s legendary Theatre Workshop, alongside Harry H Corbett.

George would appear in numerous stage, film and television productions, including Coronation Street, The Avengers, Doctor Who and Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em, but his longest lasting role was that of caretaker Mr Griffiths in Grange Hill.

The role of officious, but kind hearted, Mr Griffiths saw George working with a range of younger actors, many of whom reveled in the fact that they were working with someone so experienced.

George Christopher who played Ziggy Greaves said ; “Rest In Peace. George always had a smile on his face and had time to tell us all stories. He could have been in Zulu, but chose to stay with his pregnant wife instead of Africa and Hollywood. Legend. “

Ian Congdon-Lee who played Ted Fisk paid tribute by saying ; “In the whole 6 years of Grange Hill, he was a constant joy. I never saw him angry even though the poor man had to deal with us mental lot. Any time I think of George I have a smile. Thank you for your time, your wisdom and your smile. “

Gwyneth Powell who worked closely with George, in her role as Mrs McCluskey, contacted Grange Hill Gold to share her own memories of working with him.

“Deeply saddened to hear of the death of my very dear friend, George A. Cooper at the age of 93. We had a special working relationship, and remained good friends long after Grange Hill.
He was a brilliant actor and a kind and wonderful man. I shall miss him and the laughs we always enjoyed together.”

For a more detailed obituary please click here.

For Grange Hill fans, George will forever be associated with the role of Mr Griffiths, a role of which he was, quite rightly, fiercely proud.

George A. Cooper 1923-2018.

Alan! Interview Now Online!

alanhargreavesDespite three name changes, alongside Benny and Tucker, Alan Humphries became one of Grange Hill’s key original characters. Played by George Armstrong from the first episode until Series 5, the character joined Todd Carty’s Tucker Jenkins for three series of the spin-off ‘Tucker’s Luck’. Grange Hill Gold was fortunate enough to chat to George about early auditions, on set friendship, favourite moments and much more, in our exclusive interview which you can read here. Check it out – he truly is a TV legend!


This Morning On Grange Hill!

image004With Series 5 and 6 of Grange Hill released on DVD on Monday 19th November, some of the best known stars of Grange Hill are on the promotional trail.

Keep a look out for Grange Hill legends Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott) and show creator Phil Redmond, as they appear on the following shows :

BBC London News – Monday 19th November – 6:30pm

ITV This Morning – Tuesday 20th November

“There seems to be a real resurgence of interest in Grange Hill lately. I’m so excited to see series 5 and 6 finally released on DVD” Paula told us.

Make sure you purchase your copies of series 5 and 6 here.

Special McCluskey Christmas

IMAG0001The Classic Television Organisation, Kaleidoscope, have had a very successful year in 2018 with a wide range of events. To Grange Hill fans the most notable of these was the 40 Years Of Grange Hill event at Royal Holloway University in April. Reuniting many of the early cast of the show with creator Phil Redmond and Executive Producer Anna Home, the event provided a series of interview panels and screenings. Read our review here.

Kaleidoscope continue their Grange Hill celebration with their Christmas Event; ‘The Parkside Christmas Party!’. Alongside screenings of festive episodes of Coronation Street, Rentaghost and The Magic Roundabout, they will also be screening two Grange Hill related programmes.

Firstly, a screening of 1981’s Christmas special of Grange Hill, featuring Tucker & Co, will be introduced by Gwyneth Powell (Mrs McCluskey). This will be followed by ‘Gwyneth Powell in Conversation’ in which Gwyenth will be interviewed on stage about her time at Grange Hill. To end their Grange Hill segment, there will be a screening of Sky TV’s Little Crackers 2011 episode featuring Shappi Khorsandi reminiscing about her love for Tucker Jenkins. The drama features guest appearances from Gwyneth and Todd Carty who played Tucker.  The line up provides a real festive treat for Grange Hill fans!

As well as all this, the day promises a selection of panel interviews, classic screenings, punch, cakes and a book launch!

‘The Parkside Christmas Party’ takes place on Saturday 8th December at Birmingham City University (10:00 – 18:00). Tickets and further details are available here.

Superman Clark Trent Tells All!

collection-28-grange-hill-cast-cards_360_b7144411cee6d760e3601ee9fb488c822018 is all about celebrating 40 years of Grange Hill, but 30 years ago, a new group of first years arrived at Grange Hill. Amongst those was Clark Trent (played by Darren Cudjoe) whose cheerful nature saw him befriend Matthew Pearson and escape from an Alsatian and Mauler McCaul! In an interview exclusive, Darren Cudjoe-Cole talks to Grange Hill Gold about his two years on the show. Check out the interview here.