School’s Out Exhibition – Reunion Oct 2013


LOCATION : Monty’s Bar, Brick Lane, London


As well as being an original star of Grange Hill, Terry Sue Patt (who played Benny Green) is also a highly regarded street artist. Joining forces with fellow artist Kranksy, the two of them put together an exhibition of a range of their own (and other artists’) work linked together by the Grange Hill connection. Entitled ‘School’s Out’, the exhibition launched on 19th September, and who better to attend the launch than some of the stars of Grange Hill themselves! Brought together by Terry and co-star Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), the full Grange Hill register of attendees was as follows :

Terry Sue Patt (Benny Green)

Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning)

George Armstrong (Alan Humphries)

Paul McCarthy (Tommy Watson)

Linda Magistris (nee Slater) (Susi McMahon)

Mark Savage (Gripper Stebson)

George Christopher (Ziggy Greaves)

John Alford (Robbie Wright)

Lee Macdonald (Zammo Maguire)

Melissa Gordon (nee Wilkes) (Jackie Wright)

Wayne Pickles (Rod the Caretaker)

John Blundell (Tuckers Older Brother)

On view (and for sale) was a huge range of Grange Hill related artwork, which you can see in our gallery below. Whilst cast were impressed by the exhibition, some found it bizarre to see themselves turned into artwork! A big turn out of guests and art connoisseurs ensured that the evening was a big success.

You can see Erkan’s interviews with guests from the night here :

Check out our gallery below (with huge thanks to Terry Sue Patt and George Christopher for sharing these images)

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