Series 05 – 1982


Eighteen Episodes

Click on each episode to open a photo summary and cast list.

Photo-summaries download as graphic files and may need enlarging via your browser to view.

EPISODE 5.1 by Alan Janes

EPISODE 5.2 by Alan Janes

EPISODE 5.3 by Jane Hollowood

EPISODE 5.4 by Margaret Simpson

EPISODE 5.5 by Margaret Simpson

EPISODE 5.6 by Margaret Simpson

EPISODE 5.7 by Barry Purchese

EPISODE 5.8 by Barry Purchese

EPISODE 5.9 by Barry Purchese

EPISODE 5.10 by Barry Purchese

EPISODE 5.11 by Jane Hollowood

EPISODE 5.12 by Jane Hollowood

EPISODE 5.13 by Margaret Simpson

EPISODE 5.14 by Margaret Simpson

EPISODE 5.15 by Alan Janes

EPISODE 5.16 by Barry Purchese

EPISODE 5.17 by Alan Janes

EPISODE 5.18 by Alan Janes

Photo Summaries created and compiled by Geoff Phillips and shared by kind permission.

NB – Please note that episode titles are added to the photo-summaries and are not official episode titles.

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