Where Are They Now?

Ever wondered what happened to the ‘pupils’ of Grange Hill after they left? Find out by reading our detailed guide! Entries are sorted by the date of their first appearance in the series with 1978 cast at the beginning and 1990 cast at the end of the article.

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TuckerJenkinsTNTODD CARTY (Tucker Jenkins)

After leaving Grange Hill, Todd was given his own series ‘Tucker’s Luck’ which ran for three years. He then went on to play Mark Fowler in Eastenders until 2003, before joining ‘The Bill’ as the evil Gabriel Kent. Todd also made a brief return to Grange Hill in 2003, playing Tucker Jenkins again, taking his nephew Patrick ‘Togger’ Johnson to school. He then returned as Tucker for Grange Hill’s final episode in September 2008. Mark has been busy directing television programmes including BBC TV’s ‘Doctors’, as well as appearing as a contestant on ITV1’s ‘Dancing On Ice’. He’s also toured extensively in theatre productions such as Spamalot, and in 2014 appeared as a contestant on BBC TV’s Celebrity Masterchef.


As the first pupil seen on screen, Benny Green was loved by viewers as he was drawn into Tucker’s schemes. A keen footballer both on and off-screen, Terry Sue Patt had trials for many London clubs and played alongside John Barnes. Although he was offered a role in spin off ‘Tucker’s Luck’, he turned down the opportunity. Terry continued to act but was also a very keen stencil artist, producing a wide body of work. Terry was a highly thought of and well-liked member of the cast. Terry died unexpectedly in 2015, but remained very proud of his work on Grange Hill. His death highlighted just what an iconic figure Benny Green had been on Children’s television. You can read our exclusive interview with Terry here

TommyWatsonTNPAUL McCARTHY (Tommy Watson)

Paul was a member of the original Grange Hill cast, playing Anthony  Underwood. However, he was invited back in Series Three to play Tucker’s mate Tommy Watson. After leaving Grange Hill, Paul went on to star in Tucker’s Luck for three series. Since leaving Paul has racked up numerous film and TV credits. In October 2004, Paul’s daughter Matilda was born. Paul is part of the group Smashing Time who are currently recording their first album. He also completed work on the film ‘Through The Looking Glass’ in which he played the lead. He now lives in Spain.



Michelle played Trisha Yates for 5 years from Series 1. After leaving Grange Hill Michelle gave up acting and worked for a major sweet manufacturer. She did however make a brief return as Trisha, in the final episode of Tucker’s Luck. Michelle moved to Dundee in the early 1990s to bring up her family, where she works alongside her husband running their family glazing business; All Glass and Glazing. In 2015, Michelle had to have a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.She later spoke to a national newspaper to raise awareness of a lesser-known symptom of cancer. The interview can be read here.

seriesfive102LUCINDA DUCKETT (Ann Wilson)

Ann Wilson was one of Grange Hill’s original female pupils and wasted no time in getting herself voted onto the school council. However after just one series, Ann left Grange Hill when her father’s job meant her family had to move abroad. In reality, the actress Lucinda Duckett who played Ann was unavailable to appear in the second series for a similar reason. After leaving school, Lucinda trained as a journalist and worked in Fleet Street. In 1988 she moved to Sydney, Australia, to continue her work as a journalist. Lucinda now trains journalists for a major newspaper company in Australia. She is married to Tim and has two young daughters. Lucinda gave birth to her third child in July 2005. EXCLUSIVE interview with Lucinda Duckett

DWDONALD WAUGH (Joseph ‘Hughesy’ Hughes)

An original member of Tucker and Trisha’s class, scaredy-cat Hughesy was played by Donald Waugh. As a child actor Donald had appeared in numerous TV and film productions including Bugsy Malone and Are You Being Served. Donald left Grange Hill after 4 series, to concentrate on his theatre career. He went on to be in the original West End cast of Cats and La Cage Aux Folles. After a successful career as an actor, Donald went on to work in a range of creative industries before struggling with alcoholism. This lead to Donald losing his home and becoming homeless, living on the streets for several years. Now back on his feet, Donald works with charities supporting other people who have been in the same situation. He attended the 2014 Grange Hill Memories Reunion.

Vincent HallNTVINCENT HALL (Michael Doyle)

Sly Michael Doyle and his gang clashed with everyone from Tucker Jenkins to Trisha Yates, yet in real life Vincent Hall was really good friends with his co-stars. Appearing from the first episode, Vincent was already an experienced child-actor appearing in films with Roger Moore and Susannah York. After leaving the series in 1981, Vincent continued to act but eventually lost interest, becoming a delivery driver and going on to work in a supermarket. Vincent now lives in Bognor and has been described as being ‘very quiet and shy’ compared to the ‘bit of a lad he used to be’.


LYNDY BRILL (Cathy Hargreaves)

Lyndy made a big impression as Trisha’s friend, Cathy Hargreaves. Not only was she lead astray by Madelin Tanner, she also got the cane for missing school to perform with her group. Lyndy was very disappointed to be written out of Grange Hill in 1982, as she really enjoyed her time there. Lyndy went on to appear in the West End as ‘The Mistress’ in Evita during the mid 1980s. She continued to act, but eventually gave up acting to work for an educational publishing company. Lyndy got married in 2003 and also gave birth to her first child.

pennylewisRUTH ‘Rudi’ DAVIS (Penny Lewis)

Joining the cast in Series 2, as a replacement for Ann Wilson, Penny Lewis was the bossy but efficient school council rep. Played by Ruth ‘Rudi’ Davies, the character of Penny was dynamic and not afraid to voice her thoughts in person or via the school magazine. The character was written out in Series 4 after a ‘horse riding accident’, whilst Ruth Davis completed her exams, but returned briefly in Series 5. Rudi Davis continued to act, but eventually gave this up to raise a family. The daughter of writer Beryl Bainbridge, Rudi recently spoke at several literary events, celebrating the launch of an official biography about her late mother. She is married to the writer/Actor Mick Ford.

linda slaterLINDA SLATER (Susi McMahon)

Initially just seen as Penny Lewis’ companion, Susi McMahon (played by Linda Slater)soon became a fully fledged character in her own right. Standing up for others, becoming an expert in Judo, as well as being Alan Humphries’ girlfriend, Susi also appeared in spin-off Tucker’s Luck. After leaving the character of Susi behind, Linda continued to act, but eventually gave it up to run her own wedding planning business. Becoming a presenter on QVC, a chance meeting lead to Linda being reunited with Grange Hill’s floor manager Graham Theakston. Linda and Graham were together for eight years, but in 2014 Graham died from a rare form of cancer. This inspired Linda to set up her charity The Good Grief Trust, which is supported by many Grange Hill cast members, including Todd Carty who is a patron.

(Sudhamani Patel)

QsheilaChandraTNuietly put upon Sudhamani was a diligent student who was befriended by Trisha Yates and Cathy Hargreaves. Played by Sheila Chandra, Sudhamani appeared in series 2-4.After leaving Grange Hill, Sheila went into music, having a top ten hit with ‘Ever So Lonely’ as the lead singer of Monsoon. After becoming a solo singer, Sheila became one of the world’s leading artists on the Asian Fusion music scene, before ‘Burnt Mouth Syndrome’ caused her to give us singing and rendered her barely able to speak. As well as numerous albums, Sheila has also published a book ‘Banish Clutter Forever’ and is currently preparing a follow up. READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH SHEILA HERE

SarahSugTNSARA SUGARMAN (Jessica Samuels)

SAG activist Jessica Samuels was behind the campaign to ban school uniform, and also launched a lunchtime protest in the school canteen during Series 2. Jessica was played by Sara Sugarman who, after a series of television roles stepped behind the camera to direct the successful award-winning film ‘Very Annie Mary’ starring Rachel Griffiths. She trained at RADA between 1986-9 winning the Best Actress medal. She was married to the actor David Thewlis. Sara continues to work in the film industry and in 2004 directed the Disney feature ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen’ starring Lindsey Lohan. In 2012 she released her self penned and directed film ‘Vinyl’.


mrbaxterwatnMR ‘BULLET’ BAXTER – (Michael Cronin)

Well known as a character actor, with roles in series such as ‘Fawlty Towers’, it was his role as no nonsense PE Teacher, Mr Baxter, that Michael is best known for. Michael joined Grange Hill in 1979 and saw his character promoted to Deputy Head, before eventually leaving to run a leisure centre. Since leaving Grange Hill in 1987, Michael has continued to act, taking on a range of television and theatre roles, including parts in a touring production of Hamlet and ITVs ‘The Mayor Of Casterbridge’. He most recently appeared in BBCTV’s ‘Merlin’ and ITVs ‘Vera’. Michael reprised his role as Mr Baxter in the ITV sit-com ‘The Grimleys’ during the late 1990s. As well as acting, Michael has recently published three very successful children’s novels for Oxford University Press. His first novel, Against the Day, was shortlisted for the Angus Book Award. He has also written two film scripts, No Final Truth and Stealing the Fire, both broadcast in the 1990s. Michael lives in London.

mrsutcliffewatnMr ‘SOOTY’ SUTCLIFFE – James Wynn

‘Sooty’ Sutcliffe was the dynamic and popular English and Drama teacher, who was romantically attached to fellow teacher Miss Mooney. Despite pupil Cathy Hargreaves having a crush on him, Mr Sutcliffe remained professional to the end. He left Grange Hill after breaking off his engagement. Actor James Wynn left Grange Hill to work for the BBC and in 1983 he gained a place on their Film Directors’ Course and went on to work on a range of programmes including Jim’ll Fix It, Comic Relief, Noel Edmonds and Songs of Praise. In the Independent sector he directed documentary programmes for Granada, STV and TVS. In 1991 he set up CVP Communications to make films and videos for the charity sector and has since directed and produced work for a range of major charities and international relief organisations, shooting in Mexico, India and Ethiopia.

In 1997 he and his wife Anna left London with their two daughters. Armed with the money from the sale of their two bed-roomed terrace house and a desire for more space, they bought Saltford Manor, England’s oldest house. James is currently writing a book about the history of this fascinating house.




Antoni Karramanopolis first appeared in Series 2, constantly falling asleep after spending his evenings working for his father. Two years later the character was written out after plummeting to his death from the top of a multi-storey car park. After leaving Grange Hill, Vivian, working under the name Vinny Mann,carried on acting in a variety of different productions. During the 90s Vinny signed a record deal with his band Velcro Fly. He also had a successful career as a model. Vinny continues to act and sing professionally.




Mark played ‘Stewpot’ for five series until 1985, during which time he also recorded and released the theme tune for a film. Since leaving Grange Hill, Mark has continued to act, appearing in ‘Operation Good Guys’ alongside his brother (and series writer) Ray. Mark also had a semi regular role in ‘The Bill’ as the brother of one of the officers. Mark has also recorded numerous adverts, and is particularly well remembered as the face of Morrison’s Supermarket and more recently ‘Kev’ in The AA’s ‘Bev and Kev’ adverts. A keen follower of professional boxing, Mark can often be seen on televised bouts as a referee.



UntitledPrecious Matthews was not afraid to stand up for herself and Dulice’s most high profile role since leaving Grange Hill saw her playing an even more feisty character ; an FBI agent in the 1987 James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’. Before Grange Hill, Dulice was one of the child singers on Pink Floyd’s hit single ‘Another Brick In The Wall’. In late 2004, a court case ruled that Dulice and some of her fellow singers were due royalties from use of the song. Incidentally the song was used at the beginning of Series 6 of Grange Hill whilst Dulice was still starring as Precious. Dulice continues to perform as a singer but prefers to avoid the limelight.


Claire Scott is one of the 1980s best remembered characters. Brought up by over protective parents, Claire first caused a stir by fantasising about teacher Mr Hopwood in her diary, leading to her father attacking the object of her affection! Claire then enjoyed a romance with Stewpot, before discovering he was seeing Annette Firman behind her back! Claire was played by actress Paula Ann Bland, who is originally from Newcastle. Her success in Grange Hill lead to Paula being offered a record deal with Kay-Drum Records, with whom she released a cover version of ‘The Locomotion’. After leaving Grange Hill in 1985, Paula continued acting, making appearances in TV series like ‘Spender’ and various British films. In 1988, Paula caused a stir by appearing topless for a special photo shoot in Mayfair magazine. Paula continued to act into the early 1990s, but now, having spent several years living and working in LA, has returned to London. Paula is kept busy by running her own highly successful PR company and bringing up her family.

STtanSUZANNE ROSS – Susan Tully

Anti-authority and with a real chip on her shoulder, Suzanne Ross (played by Susan Tully) became one of Grange Hill’s most popular rebels. Able to stand up to bullies like Gripper Stebson and Headmistress Mrs McCluskey, Suzanne Ross eventually left Grange Hill before completing her exams, a decision she would live to regret, despite finally winning her battle about wearing her own clothes in school. In reality, Susan Tully headed to Albert Square to play Michelle Fowler, one of the original cast in BBC TV’s Eastenders. Playing Michelle for ten years until 1995, Susan went on to become a television director, working on programmes such as Eastenders, The Bill, Stella and Truckers. Extremely private, Susan prefers life behind the camera, and has become one of the most highly respected directors in television.

GrippertanGRIPPER STEBSON – Mark Savage

Every school has a bully, but few had one quite as fearsome as Grange Hill’s Norman ‘Gripper’ Stebson. Whether it was extorting dinner money, hounding Roland Browning or starting a race riot within Grange Hill, Gripper was unpopular with staff and pupils alike. Actor Mark Savage found that the public weren’t always able to distinguish between fact and fiction; despite playing such a horrible character Mark was very popular with the cast and was the exact opposite to the character of Gripper. After leaving Grange Hill, Mark continued to act appearing in Just Good Friends. He was personally asked by Morrissey to appear in the video for his single Dagenham Dave and is even mentioned in Morrissey’s 2014 autobiography. Mark continues to act on stage and in films.


mrmcguffywatnMr ‘SCRUFFY’ McGUFFY – Fraser Cains

Few teachers made the impact ‘Scruffy’ McGuffy did on Grange Hill. With his scruffy dress and interest in the pupils’ well being, he was not thought of highly by other staff, especially headteacher Mrs McLuskey. However, when he was sacked, the pupils started a protest march to get him reinstated. Fraser Cains left Grange Hill in 1984, but continues to act, particularly in his homeland of Wales. Fraser is a fluent Welsh speaker and until 2004 played the part of Mr Nott is S4C’s Treflan, as well as taking numerous theatre roles.

seriesfive029MISS MOONEY – (Lucinda Gane )

Lucinda played dizzy science teacher Miss Mooney in the early 80s and was originally introduced as a love interest for Mr Sutcliffe, before becoming a very popular character in her own right. After leaving Grange Hill, Lucinda returned to her first love, the theatre, playing a wide range of roles. She continued to act, but more recently has moved into theatre production, setting up her own company with respected writer and actress Kay Adshead called ‘Mama Quillo’. Grange Hill Gold is sad to report that Lucinda passed away on October 6th 2006 as a result of cancer, just days after completing an interview for our site.



MATTHEW CARTWRIGHT (Nicholas Pandolfi)

Brother of Pamela Cartwright, Matthew was clever and quiet, and also a prime target for Gripper Stebson and his gang of bullies. Nicholas Pandolfi spent two years as Matthew, but left Grange Hill in order to pursue other acting opportunities. Nicholas has a range of television and film credits to his name, but now works in radio as a presenter and voice over artist. He continues to pursue acting and presenting work.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Nicholas Pandolfi

TRACEY EDWARDS (Mandy Mealing)

amandamealingwatnTracey was Duane Orpington’s best friend when they joined Grange Hill at the start of Series 3. However, Tracey’s time at Grange Hill was set to be brief after she was the victim of a ‘cast clearout’ before Series 4 began. Mandy continued to act (sometimes under the name Amanda Mealing) and notched up numerous television and film credits including ‘The House Of Elliott’ and ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’. Amanda successfully overcame breast cancer and worked hard to promote the support she had received as an ambassador for Breast Cancer Care. Between 2004 -10, Amanda played the Connie Beauchamp, a much loved-to-be-hated character, in BBC TV’s ‘Holby City’. She continues to act and lives on a farm in Lincolnshire with her husband and her two children.


After 6 years as Zammo,Lee left Grange Hill with critical acclaim for his portrayal of Zammo’s battle with heroin addiction. Lee had always been interested in boxing and continued to develop his skill to a high level. Unfortunately a car accident in the early 1990s left Lee unable to box again. Lee has made several TV appearances since leaving Grange Hill, including an episode of The Bill in which his girlfriend was played by Melissa Wilkes, who also played his girlfriend Jackie Wright in Grange Hill! Lee set up a successful key-cutting business in London, where he works today. Lee recently attended a Grange Hill ‘Just Say No’ reunion (screened on Channel 4) and also recorded an interview for Radio One with Erkan Mustafa who played Roland Browning (see pictures). He continues to make public appearances for charity events and appeared as a contestant on BBC3’s Celebrity Scissorhands, raising money for Children In Need.

Read Grange Hill Gold’s Exclusive Interview with Lee Macdonald

EMERKAN MUSTAFA (Roland Browning)

Erkan played Roland Browning for six years and turned him into a true TV icon. Suffering from horrific bullying at the hands of Gripper Stebson, by the time he left Grange Hill six year later Roland was able to stand up for himself and had discovered a talent for foreign languages. Erkan, meanwhile, went on to star in two series of Lenny Henry’s sitcom ‘Chef!’ as well as several episodes of Black Adder. He continues to act occasionally, present TV shows and along with Lee MacDonald (Zammo), makes a range of public appearances at charity events, as well as producing and directing.  Erkan was  instrumental in bringing the cast together for several charity reunions.

Read Grange Hill Gold’s Exclusive Interview with Erkan Mustafa

faylucaswatnALISON BETTLES (Fay Lucas)

Fay Lucas is one of Grange Hill’s best remembered characters. This sporty and popular girl caused a scandal when she began a relationship with teacher Mr King. Fay was played by Alison Bettles, whose mother, June, became one of Grange Hill’s chaperones. After leaving Grange Hill in 1987, Alison went on to appear in a special war-time episode of ‘Eastenders’. She also had roles in other popular TV dramas, such as London’s Burning. Alison is married with four children, and runs the family business in her ‘spare’ time! Alison’s children have followed in their mother’s footsteps, with parts in several adverts and television series. Her son Albert, won an award for ‘Television Moment Of The Year’ for his portrayal as ‘The Boy’ in the 2005 revival of Doctor Who. It was his portrayal of a ghostly boy in a gas mask, crying ‘Are you my Mummy?’ that scared children across Britain!



Diligent, kind and caring, Janet St-Clair will always be remembered for her desperate attempts to help Roland Browning fit in to life at Grange Hill. Following Roland (who she referred to as Ro-Land) around with her catchphrase ‘I just want to help you Roland!’, Janet St-Clair became a television legend! Played by Simon Nylander, Janet remained at Grange Hill until 1986. Slightly younger than the rest of her classmates, Simone continued to act after leaving Grange Hill and also went into modelling. She can be seen on the cover of the En Vogue album Soul Flower. Simone became close friends with actor Russell Brand whilst at university, but after living with Brand, threw his belongings out onto the street (a fact recalled in his autobiography). Simone went on to have a successful career working for Simon Fuller’s 19 Management organisation, before becoming a key member of a voice over business. She remains in regular contact with Erkan Mustafa who played Roland.


JULIANNE STEEL (Dianne Cooney)

Unhappy Dianne moved to Grange Hill and became the unfortunate ‘new girl’ who was on the receiving end of bullying from everyone from Sarah Wilkes to Roland Browning. Suffering from spots, and desperate to fit in, Diane made herself ill by barely eating and also created a fictitious boyfriend. Behind the scenes, actress Julianne Steel was much more popular than the character she spent four years playing! After leaving Grange Hill, Julianne worked as a Personal Assistant at Sky News, Lloyds Of London and the Weather Channel in the US, before becoming interested in alternative therapies. Julieanne now runs Unclutter Your Life, a successful decluttering business, appearing at shows such as Grand Designs Live and The Ideal Home Show.


Jeremy Irvine made a big impression on his fellow pupils, who eventually took a dislike to him after uncovering the series of lies he’d told them. Jeremy then tragically drowned in the school swimming pool in 1984. Vincent Matthews who played Jeremy for two years, now works on the other side of the camera, running his own production company which produces a range of features for clients all over the world. Having lived and worked in America, he has now returned to England.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Vincent Matthews


tktanTERRY KINSELLA – Jimmy ‘Flynny’ Flynn

Zammo’s classmate, Jimmy ‘Flynny’ Flynn was often dragged into troublesome schemes by his friends or disagreements with Annette Firman. Played by Terry Kinsella, ‘Flynny’ was written out at the end of the 1985 series along with several other classmates. After leaving Grange Hill, Terry continued to act, but eventually pursued a successful career as a canoe instructor.


BanksyTANTIM POLLEY – (Steven ‘Banksy’ Banks)

Brookdale pupil and ex boyfriend of Jackie Wright, Steven Banks arrived at Grange Hill when the two schools merged with Rodney Bennett. Keen to impress, and with a bad-boy reputation, Banksy was involved in a love-triangle story with Zammo and Jackie, a joyriding car crash, a romance with Laura Regan and a moustache growing competition! When Banksy left Grange Hill to work at a school for disabled children, Tim Polley continued to act, appearing in panto with Melvyn Hayes amongst other things. However, due to Grange Hill’s high profile Tim found it difficult to escape being typecast as Banksy. Tim eventually moved to Tenerife where he runs his own pool cleaning business.


JonalfordtanJOHN ALFORD- (Robbie Wright)

Actor John Alford played happy go lucky Robbie Wright between 1985 and 1991. Little brother to Jaqui, Robbie is best remembered for his romances with Calley Donnington and his friendship with Ziggy Greaves. After leaving Grange Hill, John Alford went on to appear as regular character, Billy Ray, in London’s Burning, before being written out after he was involved in a drug dealing sting from the ‘Fake Sheikh’ undercover reporter at The News Of The World. Alford served a 6 week prison sentence after being charged. He also enjoyed several top 40 hit singles, produced by Stock/Waterman,  following his London’s Burning success. John had a long term relationship with co-star Tina Mahon (Ronnie Birtles). He has continued to act, appearing in Mile High and Casualty, and remains friends with George ‘Ziggy’ Christopher. Following the jailing of the ‘Fake Sheikh’, John has spoken openly about the damage the sting did to his career.

TrevorTanJOHN DRUMMOND – (Trevor Cleaver)

Mouthy and confrontational, Trevor Cleaver became one of Grange Hill’s longest serving characters. Having previously appeared as a Brookdale pupil, John joined Grange Hill full time in 1985 and left in 1991. During this time, the character of Trevor developed a gambling and an alcohol problem, but also proved himself to have a softer side. John went on to appear in numerous roles in The Bill and Casualty as well as the film An Awfully Big Adventure. John eventually gave up acting and now works as a manager of a home-improvement store.


JOHN HOLMES – (Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardener)

Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardener stepped into the shoes of Pogo Patterson as Grange Hill’s ginger entrepreneur, joining the cast in 1985. Always full of money making schemes, Gonch ran a toast bar, a dating agency, a homework service and a PE Kit lending scheme all from the classroom. In 1989, during Gonch’s last series, he fell in love with Mandy Freemont. In reality, actor John Holmes left the show to complete his education and studied at the University Of East Anglia, where he eventually became president of the Student Union for several years. John gave up acting after Grange Hill and now works as the manager of a casino; a job slightly in keeping with the character he played! ZiggyTan


Popular Scouser, Ziggy Greaves arrived at Grange Hill in 1986 and spent four years there. George Christopher who played Ziggy went on to appear in Brookside as Little Jimmy Corkhill. George has also appeared in numerous theatre productions, including some that he’s written himself. George reunited with some of his Grange Hill class mates for Channel 4’s ‘Bring Back Grange Hill’ and remains good friends with fellow cast member John Alford.

Read Grange Hill Gold’s Exclusive Interview with George Christopher

RuthCNTRUTH CARRAWAY – (Helen Kelly)

Helen Kelly first got herself noticed as part of Imelda Davies’ Terrahawks gang before a series of dares left her with a permanent tattoo . However during her four years at Grange Hill, Helen managed to prove herself as a strong minded individual, eventually leaving to try and begin a career as a female engineer. Played by Ruth Carraway, Helen became one of the year-group’s most loved characters. After Grange Hill, Ruth continued to act, but eventually gave up acting to take on a range of roles in the social work sector. She now lives in New Zealand, working as a Youth Worker.                             READ OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH RUTH HERE.

imeldafleurFLEUR TAYLOR – (Imelda Davis)

Imelda Davis stormed into Grange Hill in a cloud of fibre-glass, escaped frogs, cut ties and protection rackets, becoming a character who struck fear into the hearts of both her enemies and ‘friends’. Played by Fleur Taylor, Imelda lasted just under two years at Grange Hill before she was expelled and sent to a behavioural unit. Despite being unpopular amongst her peers, Imelda was hugely popular with viewers. Fleur continued to act with roles in ‘Alfonso Bonzo’ and as a voice over artist, but eventually became a successful estate agent and is mum to two boys. Read our exclusive interview with Fleur here.

rickysimmondswatnRICKY SIMMONDS – (Anthony ‘Ant’ Jones)

After three series as troubled teen Ant, Ricky was written out of Grange Hill when his character realised he was no longer a part of the school. Ricky had been a successful child actor and model and went on to have one or two minor acting roles after Grange Hill. However, Ricky’s big love is music and he decided to pursue a career in music, having 12 top 40 hits under a range of different group names including Space Brothers. Ricky then moved into production and songwriting, writing and producing tracks for a range of different artists as well as his own. Read our exclusive interview with Ricky here.


Jonathan played Danny Kendall, who, after years of run ins with Mr Bronson, was found dead in the back of his teacher’s stolen car. After leaving Grange Hill in 1989, Jonathan trained as a journalist and worked for the Daily Telegraph and AOL as Head of Communications. After setting up his own company, he now works for communications giant EE. Despite the bad feeling between the characters of Danny and Mr Bronson, Jonathan and Michael Sheard (who played Mr Bronson) got on exceptionally well and remained friends until Michael’s death in 2005.

AmmaAsantetnCHERYL WEBB – (Amma Asante)

Health conscious Cheryl Webb first appeared in 1986, alongside her sister Louise. However unbeknown to their friends their father was terminally ill, and later died, leaving the girls to bring up their two brothers on their own. Amma Asante who played Cheryl continued to act, with roles in series such as ‘Birds Of A Feather’. However, Amma has made a highly successful career for herself as a writer / director, with her 2004 feature film ‘A Way Of Life’ winning the Carl Foreman award at the BAFTAS. Her series ‘Brothers and Sisters’ ran for 2 series on BBC2. Amma is married to TV Producer Charlie Hanson. In 2014  the film ‘Belle’, which Amma directed, was released to much critical acclaim. The 2016 film ‘United Kingdom’, directed by Amma, was chosen to open the 60th London Film Festival


pauladamswatnMATTHEW PEARSON – (Paul Adams)

Matthew Pearson arrived at Grange Hill in 1988, trying hard to hide signs of physical abuse from his father. Played by Paul Adams, Matthew became one of Grange Hill’s most popular characters, before leaving in 1992. Paul continued to work in theatre and television with lead roles in television series such as ‘Renford Rejects’ and ‘The Hello Girls’. Paul has spent the past few years concentrating on work in the theatre and was a key member of the touring ‘Shakespeare 4 Kids’ company. He is now married and with his wife, runs their own children’s theatre school and continues to act in pantomimes and other stage productions.


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  1. I had a crush on Clair Scot, ( Paula Ann Bland )
    Grange Hill was controversial for some of it’s stories it ran. Shame there is nothing like this for today’s generation of children.

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  3. I loved watching Grange Hill because as well as believable characters and storylines, there was also a moral message which helped a lot of kids going through the same thing in real life.

  4. you can watch grange hill on you tube, which is what im doing as I was born in1985 I didn’t watch until the 90’s
    im now on series 12 🙂

  5. what a brilliant series often wanted to be an extra in the programme in order to pass Susan Tulley in the corridor if released on dvd would sell it in the shop i am running now

  6. Grange Hill was the best show we had. Everyone raced home to watch it. I still love to hear the theme tune now – so many happy memories, great laughs with brilliant characters. I watched it in 1978 when I was just six until it end in 1990. It would be fabulous to see photos and character names of all the main cast members through the years on here.

  7. I would love it if they would put Grange Hill back on TV, right from episode 1. I love it sooo much xxx

  8. Watched Grange Hill as a kid loved it addressed all,issues and also the kids did have respect for teachers. Would not be allowed nowadays because of all this PC nonsense

    • I read recently about the sad passing of Mark Farmer.He was also in that wonderful 80s series Johnnie Jarvis.Plus Terry Sue-Pat has gone too.Great days watching this terrific show.I was born in 1963,so the original cast are my age.That is just how a bog standard comp was in the 70s.Does anyone remember A bunch of fives? Lesley Manville and Jamie Foreman starred in that and were very successful.

  9. So sad to here of the passing of Benny,

    I’m going to have to watch some of the older series, since I watched most of the later one’s with the Double-Dare gang and the Wannabes. Never liked the last episode, since Andrea said she should have left Chloe ages ago like Sammy did, I always wondered if in Year 11 Andrea would have gone her own way or stayed with Chloe.

  10. I started watching the show in 1978 so was thrilled when BSB began repeats in 1990 so it got me into recording it every week which I did until it ended. Thanks to BBC2 and BSB I filled in the gaps and a few years back transferred my tapes over to dvd , although the last 6 years went straight to dvd anyway. So I’m now watching it again and have just started series 7 where Jeremy drowns. So many great characters and stories and so sad to see some have passed away and some have had less then perfect lives after the show. It would be nice to see a full rerun so I can upgrade my VHS quality episodes to dvd quality but I can’t ever see it happening

  11. I met Peter J. Morton who played Wayne Sutcliffe in LA this year. He was working at the famous Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. I think he mentioned he was in The Dark Knight but not sure as who.

  12. Wow! Quite chuffed so many remained in acting. ALL the girls look even better now than they did back then. I shan’t day which one was my first crush 😉

  13. I always wonder what Gripper would be doing these days. There are two strands of thought: he could have ended up organising for the National Front and spending spells in prison, or could have reformed and moved away from London to start a new life.

  14. Pingback: Kids Fighting Men, Drugs, Wars, Tv Commercials, Wife Almost Loses Life Giving Birth, Living In The Middle East & I Love The Grove - I Love The Grove

  15. I watched series 1 and 2 all weekend and loved it!!!.I just knew that Cathy Hargreaves would still look very good!!!.When you look good you don’t stop looking good.Thanks Bruce

  16. I always remember a scene in around 86 87 when Imelda Davies cuts a boys school tie on a staircase before Hollo comes along. I’ve been trying to remember the lads name she victimised and it won’t come to me. I know he said something like “That tie cost me a pound” or something like that. It’s been niggling me for ages and I can’t find out anywhere on the Web. I’m sure someone will be kind enough to put my mind at rest 😀

    • That was Vince Savage, trevor cleavers sidekick until trevor stabbed him in the back and found new mates.

  17. loved grange hill as a kid. had a fancy for Zammo’s girlfriend(Jackie i think?) cant remember the actresses name but remember seeing her on the Bill

  18. Grange Hill was superb! I started watching it when I was about 8 or ao in the early 1980’s. My crush was on Jackie and the best story was definitely Zammo! Just Say No was a great song and due to that made me aware of drugs from such a young age and luckily it was alao a great message that deterred me from even trying them. Also Louisa Bradshaw White was my next fav as time moved on (I carried on watching it until I was about 18 I think). I’m now watching it all on reruns as we speak on youtube. It’s a great show that will always play a part in my tv life and will always be remembered with great fondness.

    All in all the years 86 – 92 of me leaving school were the best Grange Hill years ever! Just a shame to hear that some have past away and others lost touch. It would be great to finally get those who are still with us to get on stage to revive Just Say No! Mr Cowell if you read this I will actually watch the X-Factor if you can get the gang of Grange Hill back for a sing-a-long!

    They do need to revive Just Say No as its message is one of the best!

    Essay over lol…

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