Trisha Yates s1If there was one Grange Hill character best known for standing up for a cause, it was Trisha Yates. Played by Michelle Herbert for the first five series of Grange Hill, strong minded Trisha became one of the best remembered female pupils at Britain’s best loved school! Now on behalf of Trisha, Grange Hill Gold needs to ask for your help!trisha3

Grange Hill Gold is sad to report that Michelle has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. However, Michelle’s daughter, Chloe Anderson,  is working hard to fund-raise for the Breast Cancer Care charity. To find out all about Chloe’s fundraising quest, and to see how you can donate to this fantastic cause, Grange Hill Gold begs you to visit Chloe’s Justgiving page here.

Please help Chloe4be228e9bb9226404f9bd518e666539a to raise her target amount by giving generously. She’s already beaten her first fundraising target of £500, so lets see if Grange Hill fans can help her raise even more.

Make a difference – just like Trisha Yates!

Chloe’s Just Giving Page is here: