Ziggy’s Story

IMAG0038From 1986-1989, George Christopher played Scouser, Ziggy Greaves in Grange Hill. Arriving from Liverpool, happy go-lucky Ziggy befriended Robbie Wright, got into all kinds of schemes with Gonch and cheekily charmed his way through the school, becoming one of the show’s best remembered characters.

After leaving Grange Hill in 1989, George continued to act – going on to join another Phil Redmond production, Brookside, as Little Jimmy Corkhill.

However, despite his acting success, George began to struggle with his own mental health, eventually being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

41ao33e9VXLNow, George tells his full story in his autobiography ‘From Grange Hill, To Bipolar And Back’ published earlier this month. Like the title states, the book tells George’s story, from his early acting days, through to his struggles with bipolar, and how he has been able to move beyond.

In this truly honest autobiography, George explains how bipolar has affected him, leading to him being sectioned several times. But with exceptional candour, George examines his own strengths and weaknesses and explains how he has begun to move beyond bipolar. The story is both inspiring and uplifting, told in George’s unique witty style.

For Grange Hill fans, George goes into detail about his time on the show, revealing how his friendship with John Alford began with a fight, how he once had a real life telling off from Mr Bronson and how he missed a real-life encounter with his namesake; Ziggy Stardust (aka David Bowie)! As well as this, the book features comments from many of George’s Grange Hill co-stars.

Grange Hill Gold was honoured to be asked to edit George’s biography. We can guarantee that not only will it entertain, it will also move and inspire readers, with its honest, humorous and moving retelling of the story so far of the man who brought Grange Hill legend Ziggy Greaves to life!

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