Grange Hill Memories

ghmay14Grange Hill Gold is busy preparing to bring you full coverage of yesterday’s Grange Hill Memories ; the world’s first Grange Hill Convention. For full reports of the day and exclusive photographs, visit Grange Hill Gold later this week. In the mean time see which ex GH alumini you can recognise in our photo montage. Congratulations to the organisers for such a great event.

Back To School

Grange Hill Gold is preparing to attend the world’s first Grange Hill Convention today. Guests include Terry Sue Patt (Benny Green), Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), Melissa Wilkes (Jacqui Wright), Lee Macdonald (Zammo Maguire) and Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott), as well as a host of other well known Grange Hill alumini! Grange Hill Gold will have full and detailed coverage of this event over the next few days.
Visit for more details from the organisers.