Grange Hill Juniors In School Fun

Grange Hill had appeared in comic strip form in earlier annuals, but with the arrival of Zammo, Fay, Roland and co. in series 5, a strong selection of younger characters were ideal for a new publication. School Fun from Fleetway (who would also publish some Grange Hill annuals) was a new comic on the theme of school. Using the characters of the new first years, alongside bully Gripper Stebson, the comic strip was entitled ‘Grange Hill Juniors’ and ran each week, covering 3 pages. Drawn by Brian Delaney, the series ran for 29 episodes. Starting in 1983, School Fun only ran until 1984, before merging with other titles.

We are delighted to be able to share the first 8 episodes of Grange Hill Junior below. More episodes to follow soon.

All images below are reproduced for research purposes (c) Phil Redmond/ BBC/ Fleetway archive.