Susi Young (s11-12)



Lynne Radford

lynradSusi Young spent a lot of her time at Grange Hill being involved in best friend Chrissy Manwaring’s schemes, ranging from selling badges to ordering numerous clothes from a catalogue. Lynne Radford who played Susi remembers her two years at Grange Hill and how she wished she could have been there for longer.

How did you get the part of Susi?

Originally I auditioned for the part of Justine, I think there were 3 auditions all in all and the last one I read for Susi, I was told by my agency (Anna Scher) that i got the part a week or so later.

How did it feel joining such an iconic show?

Super excited and couldn’t wait to start 🙂 But also nervous, I was still in primary school when filming started.

Who were you friends with on the show?

Mainly Rachel (Justine) and Sonya (Chrissie), Paul (Matthew), Sean (Tegs) and Darren (Clark) but we were all friends really, we had a good laugh everyday.

Are you still in touch with anyone from the show now?

YES! It’s great! Me and Rachel talk a lot and George (Ziggy). They are the main two but I am friends on Facebook with quite a few of the others. They haven’t changed a bit, still as lovely as they were 25 years ago.

What was your favourite storyline that you were involved with?

I had a few, but I think the catalogue one was my favorite, lots of funny memories filming those scenes with the ketchup!

What is your fondest memory/memories from Grange Hill?$(KGrHqZHJCgE7zC,OsU7BPHHfWgNog~~60_12

The cast and crew, especially Albert and Ronald and the chaperones were great, always a giggle on the coach back and forth to Elstree! Green room memories are the best though, we got up to no good a lot of the time, Sonya got her whole arm stuck in the pool table and it had to be taken apart to get her out! Singing and dancing all the time, George (Ziggy), John A (Robbie) and John D (Trevor) always made us laugh, there was always something going on.

Susi was only in Grange Hill for 2 years. Was it difficult leaving Grange Hill knowing the other people you had started with were staying on?

Devastating, I cried for months and found it difficult to watch the show after out of pure jealousy! ILEA weren’t happy about me staying on and my character was at a dead end, the writers didn’t know where to take it so that was that!

When you left Grange Hill was acting something that you wantlynnraded to pursue?

Oh yes, I still attended Anna Scher every week until I was 19, done a few more bits on Radio and TV after Grange Hill.

What do you do now?

I have 2 children, they keep me busy, I am also a mobile Hairdresser.

If you were given the chance to return to acting, would you take it?

I’d love to return to acting, when my boys are old enough to get on with things without supervision I will return to the Young Actors Theatre and get representation, until then I’m quite happy!

(c) 2013 Neil Mattocks – Reproduced by kind permission

Thanks to Lynne Radford

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