Ziggy and Robbie Reunited

001a3c4800000258-3230921-image-a-20_1441991419576Grange Hill legends Robbie Wright and Ziggy Greaves made a dynamic duo during their time at Britain’s favourite secondary school. In November this year, actors John Alford and George Christopher were reunited for a Grange Hill event in Great Yarmouth.

Organised by friends of George Christopher, the event took place at the Pier Tavern on November 4th, and featured a live Q&A session with John and George, as well as autograph and photo opportunities with the pair.

What was clear from this enjoyable event was how George and John’s friendship, developed on screen in the 80s, wa14925329_10207552676003042_681559192632138480_ns just as strong today.
Happy to discuss their memories of
working together at Grange Hill, the duo were keen to make the event a success and chatted to guests throughout the evening, as well as having photos taken by the professional photographer.

During the Q&A subjects up for discussion, besides Grange Hill, included John’s music career (and George’s cameo in his video), George’s time on Brookside and John’s feelings about the recent conviction of the ‘Fake Sheikh’ who sabotaged John’s acting career.

The success of the event was mainly due to George and John themselves; their lively and warm personalities made everyone feel welcome, whilst their own delight at being reunited was shared by all who attended.

An Evening With Zammo

On Saturd13709878_1390121804337848_2147210623315318366_nay 16th July, the Misty Moon Film Society held one of their events in London; this time focusing on Grange Hill’s Zammo (aka Lee McDonald). Discussing his career, in particular his time on Grange Hill, Lee was surprised on stage when ex co-stars Nadia Chambers and Mark Savage arrived.

Simon Streek was fortunate enough to attend the event and you can read his report here.

Sooty Secrets From The Vault!

We are very excited to fiMr Sutcliffenally be able to preview our exclusive interview with James Wynn who played teacher Mr Graham ‘Sooty’ Sutcliffe, throughout Grange Hill’s early years. Regular visitors will know that we have been promising this for years; ever since we were fortunate enough to interview James way back in 2007!

Recording the interview on a C90 cassette, we had every intention of publishing it…… until the un-labelled cassette disappeared during a house move! Now, years later, we have finally tracked down the tape (and something to play it on)in the Grange Hill Gold vault!  Expect the interview to hit your screens very, very soon!


class 83We’ve been busy updating some of our pages and over the next few months hope to publish a range of new pages. In the meantime, please check out our updated Where Are They Now page – ; the most visited on the site.

Also, we’ve added further links to photos for Sunday’s Grange Hill reunion event. There’s also a link to the video of Erkan Mustafa’s tour around the Greyhound Road site. Find them all on our review page for Grange Hill Memories 2.

Alternatively, why not explore our interviews 1 and interviews 2 pages where you can read exclusive interviews with the cast of Grange Hill.

Back To School Again!

P1000537On Sunday 22nd May 2016, Grange Hill Gold was fortunate enough to attend the amazing Grange Hill Memories 2 event, which reunited some of the cast of the show in the actual school where the series was filmed.

Over the next few days we will be adding more photos and commentary about this unique event, but in the meantime check out our exclusive review and photos from the day here.

Congratulations to Scott Frankton and his team for creating such a fantastic day and a once in a lifetime experience for Grange Hill Fans.


Grange Hill Memories 2

GH16cInterested in classic Grange Hill? Want to find out more about what went on behind the scenes? Want to meet cast members? Want to explore the school itself? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to attend the Grange Hill Memories 2 event on May 22nd 2016!

GH16bFollowing on from 2014’s hugely successful event, the team have gone one better for this year’s reunion event.

Firstly, the event is actually taking place at Grange Hill itself, or to be exact Fulham Preparatory School; the actual school where Grange Hill was filmed between 1981-85. Attendees will be given a guided tour of the site and local area by Erkan “Roland” Mustafa as he remembers what it is like to be back at the school  over 30 years later!

GH16dAlongside this, the day will consist of a series of on-stage panel interviews, autograph opportunities and photo sessions with the cast members themselves. Confirmed guests so far include; George Armstrong (Alan Humphries s1-5), Alison Bettles (Fay Lucas s5-10), Gwyneth Powell (Mrs McCluskey s4-13), Robert Craig-Morgan (Justin Bennett s1-5), Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott s4-8), Lisa York (Julie Marchant s5-10), Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning s5-10), Lisa East (Christine Everson s4-6), Joann Boakes (Anita Unsworth s3-6), Vincent Matthews (Jeremy Irvine s6-7), Ian Congdon Lee (Ted Fisk s11-15), Karen Lewis (Miss Partridge s8-9), Rene Zagger (Mike Bentley s12-13) and Nicholas Donnelly (Mr Mackenzie s8-16). All tickets include two free autographs from each guest (excluding Paula Ann Bland) and more are available to purchase on the day. There will also be a selection of high quality glossy photos available which you can get signed – or why not just bring your Grange Hill DVDs or Annuals?GH16a

Having attended the original event in 2014, Grange Hill Gold can not recommend this event enough. Tickets are priced at £42 (£29 for Under 15s) and can be purchased by visiting the website here.

Read our review of the 2014 event here.

We’re really looking forward to attending this event and hope as many Grange Hill fans as possible are able to attend this fantastic convention.

Mark Farmer (1962-2016)

Gary HargreavesIt is with sadness that Grange Hill Gold has to report the death of Mark Farmer who played Gary Hargreaves in Series 2-4, after a short battle with cancer.

Gary was the popular football team captain, who enjoyed a brief romance with Trisha Yates, his sister Cathy’s best friend.

Having joined Grange Hill when he was 17, Mark went on to play the lead in the BBC drama Johnny Jarvis, before having a recurring role on Minder. A keen musician, Mark was a member of the band Lighthouse and had also played for Bad Manners.

Grange Hill co-stars paying tribute to Mark included :

Paul McCarthy (Tommy Watson) : He was a good Guy. Very sad news. RIP Mark. 2016 has started out very tough. Stay well everyone Xxx

George Armstrong (Alan Humphries) : Just heard an old friend Mark Farmer has passed away, when I started Grange Hill Mark was one of the people who helped me through the first few series. My thoughts and love go out to his family, gone too young

Linda Slater (Susi McMahon) : It was so sad to hear about poor Mark. He was in Grange Hill at the same time I was – he played such a great character. It’s just so awful that he was so young xx

Mark Burdis : (Stewpot Stewart) : Very sad to hear the dreadful news about an old friend, Mark Farmer. Yet another talent lost to this dreadful disease. We must find a cure.

George Wilson (Ziggy Greaves) : Legendary character came to l’pool years ago & couldn’t get him to go home, very very sad news.

Ricky Simmonds (Ant Jones) : Minder, Grange Hill…But forever Johnny Jarvis.
RIP Mark Farmer.