Grange Hill Memories

ghmay14Grange Hill Gold is busy preparing to bring you full coverage of yesterday’s Grange Hill Memories ; the world’s first Grange Hill Convention. For full reports of the day and exclusive photographs, visit Grange Hill Gold later this week. In the mean time see which ex GH alumini you can recognise in our photo montage. Congratulations to the organisers for such a great event.

Back To School

Grange Hill Gold is preparing to attend the world’s first Grange Hill Convention today. Guests include Terry Sue Patt (Benny Green), Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), Melissa Wilkes (Jacqui Wright), Lee Macdonald (Zammo Maguire) and Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott), as well as a host of other well known Grange Hill alumini! Grange Hill Gold will have full and detailed coverage of this event over the next few days.
Visit for more details from the organisers.

Erkan Meets The Stars!

As previously reported by Grange Hill Gold, a selection of cast members were reunited by Terry Sue Patt at the launch of his ‘School’s Out’ Art Exhibition. Erkan Mustafa was on the guest list, but also spent the evening interviewing guests for ME1 TV. You can view the results in this great new video. Keep an eye out for some surprising ex cast members, and some great interviews. You can find out all about the event at our page here.


More Guests On The Register

UntitledGrange Hill Events have announced two further guests for their Grange Hill Memories convention, taking place in Chiswick on Sunday May 25th.

First up is original cast member Donald Waugh who played Tucker’s nervous comedy side kick ‘Hughesy’ in series 1-3. Donald also starred in Bugsy Malone and Are You Being Served.

The second guest to be confirmed is Chris Jury who played teacher Mr Knowles, Annette Firman’s adversary, during 1983-4.  Chris is best known for playing Eric Catchpole in BBC TV’s ‘Lovejoy’ but has also directed episodes of Coronation Street, Eastenders, Crossroads and Hollyoaks.

4608752116_275x236Chris and Donald join other guests including : Lee Macdonald (Zammo), Erkan Mustafa (Roland), Melissa Wilkes (Jackie Wright), Terry Sue Patt (Benny Green) and Paula Ann Bland (Clare Scott).

Tickets for the event can be purchased by visiting the website here, where there is plenty more information about the event.




McCluskey is Man Down Again!

EEA449E899CC42DE9FED627F5E141Grange Hill head-mistress Mrs McCluskey ruled her school with a firm hand, but also showed a softer side and a great sense of humour. Actress Gwyneth Powell who played Mrs McCluskey from 1981-1991 might have moved on from Grange Hill, but has seen recent comedy success playing ‘Mum’ in Rick Davies Channel 4 sitcom, with Rik Mayall as her husband.

Gwyneth got in touch to tell us that a second series has been commissioned.

” Glad that the web site is proving such a success, and yes, I’m very pleased to tell you that we will be filming a new series of Man Down this summer for transmission in the autumn. Glad you all enjoyed it, we all had a ball!” Gwyneth told us.

As soon as a transmission date is confirmed, Grange Hill Gold will keep you posted! Series 1 of ‘Man Down’ is set for a DVD release on October 13th 2014.

You can read our exclusive interview with Gwyneth here.

Brand New Interview OnLine!

IMAG0005Last month, Grange Hill Gold was luckily enough to speak to Lucinda Curtis, who played PE Teacher and mother to Laura, Mrs Liz Reagan. Our exclusive interview sees Lucinda discussing her acting career and her time at Grange Hill, as well as revealing her first thoughts on meeting Fiona Lee Fraser, her on screen daughter. You can read the interview here. What’s more, Lucinda has also signed up to appear at the Grange Hill Memories Convention in May 2014. Click here for more details about the event and here for an interview with the event organiser.