Classic Moments S7&8 – No. 5



Suzanne Ross (played by Sue Tully) had always been anti-authority, but after constant clashes, finally decides to leave Grange Hill for the world of work. Later in the series, Suzanne (who had constantly flouted uniform rules) reappears dressed in current fashions as Boy George. When stopped in the corridor, by head-teacher Mrs McCluskey, the following exchange takes place :

Mrs McCluskey : Just what does that girl at the end of the corridor, think she’s doing coming to school dressed like that?

Suzanne : I’m Suzanne Ross, Mrs McCluskey, and I left Grange Hill three months ago, so…. what I wear, is really up to me now – don’t you think?

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Classic Moments S7&8 – No. 4



One of Grange Hills longest serving year-groups make their first appearance in Series 8 as First Years. Including Trevor Cleaver and Calley Donnington (who would both stay with the show until Series 14), the year group would become one of Grange Hill’s most memorable cohorts. Series 8 also features the debut of Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardner, Robbie Wright, Vince Savage, Jane Bishop, Paul ‘Hollo’ Holloway and Ronnie Birtles, and sees them causing trouble with a range of scams and schemes. Also part of the yeargroup was actress Patsy Palmer (see photo below) who would go on to be better known as Bianca Jackson in Eastenders.

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Grange Hill S8

Classic Moments S7&8 – No. 3



Jonah’s cousin Jeremy Irving arrived at Grange Hill at the start of Series 7, having previously been seen as a Rodney Bennett pupil. It takes mere days for him to upset his peer group as he plays a range of unkind pranks on them. However, during a school swimming lesson, whilst the teacher is distracted, Jeremy grabs Fay Lucas’ bangle and throws it into the pool. Zammo follows Jeremy into the pool but is horrified when he sees Jeremy laying on the bottom of the pool. Despite attempts to resuscitate him, the class are traumatised when they realise Jeremy has drowned.

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Classic Moments S7&8 – No. 2



Zammo had previously been dating Brookdale pupil, Jackie Wright, but when Brookdale merged with Grange Hill, they ended up pupils at the same school. Still trying to hold on to his ‘Brookdale’ identity, Steven ‘Banksy’ Banks insists that Jackie should not be dating someone from Grange Hill. The series sees Zammo, frustrated by the Brookdale feud, pushing Jackie closer to Banksy, with terrifying results.

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Grange Hill S8

Classic Moments -S7&8 – No 1.



“You Boy!” was the signature call of Mr Bronson who arrived at Grange Hill in Series 8. Previously a Latin teacher at boys school, Rodney Bennett; Maurice Bronson was forced to specialise in French when his school merged with Brookdale and Grange Hill. A strict disciplinarian, Mr Bronson was feared by pupils, despite his toupee!

Grange Hill S8

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Series 7 and 8 on DVD!

Exciting news for Grange Hill fans as Series 7 and 8 are now available to pre order on DVD. After the success of last year’s release of series 5 and 6, Eureka Entertainment have followed this up with the release of the next two series. You can order the box set here or by clicking on the image above. The box set is due to released on November 11th 2019.

What’s more, the box set also includes the previously unreleased 1981 Christmas Special, which marked the last appearance of many of the original cast!

Grange Hill Series 7 synopsis – First broadcast on 3rd January 1984 It s a new term & Zammo has a girlfriend (Jackie Wright) who goes to rival school Brookdale. Well-meaning pupil Janet makes it her mission to help Roland, but he finds her constant nagging irritating. A poolside prank during a swimming lesson has fatal consequences. N3 s countryside orienteering course descends into panic as Roland & Mr Baxter get hopelessly lost. Miss Gordon s Art club experiences a flurry of new recruits (including Pogo Patterson) as news spreads about a nude model. The term ends with a School Disco where Mrs McClusky slow dances with Mr McGuffy.

Grange Hill Series 8 synopsis – First broadcast on 18th February 1985 Grange Hill has now merged with Rodney Bennett & Brookdale causing tensions to rise; can Mrs McClusky & new Deputy Head Teacher Mr Bronson keep order? A love triangle develops as Stewpot two-times Claire with Annette; Zammo & Jackie hit a rough patch as Banksie arrives on the scene. French exchange students visit & Roland finds a friend in Fabienne. Entrepreneurial pupil pairing Gonch & Hollo devise a number of ill-fated money-making schemes during the term & Mr Bronson s wig goes missing…

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Behind The Camera

IMG_9840bGrange Hill Gold is delighted to be able to share a collection of exclusive photos that capture some of the key events of 1986/7. Taken by Ricky Simmonds who played Ant Jones, these photos capture moments from filming, backstage at Elstree and the cast trip to the White House during the Just Say No campaign. These amazing photos have been kindly shared with us by Ricky himself. Check out the fully gallery here.