GH Celebrity Pointless

pointless grange hill 2020As 2020 begins, BBC 1 reunites two of Grange Hill’s best known stars for an edition of Celebrity Pointless. Gwyneth Powell, who played head-mistress Mrs McClusky, throughout the 1980s, joins George Christopher, who played Ziggy Greaves. The two pair up as a team on a special Children’s TV themed episode of the popular quiz show, which is being broadcast at 1815 on Saturday 3rd January on BBC1. 

The two were delighted to be reunited; not having seen each other since 1989, when George left Grange Hill.  Since rekindling their friendship, Gwyneth even contributes to George’s autobiography ‘From Grange Hill, to Bipolar and Back’ which is available here.

You can find out more about George’s book in our post here.

We can’t reveal any results from the finished quiz-show, so you’ll just have to tune-in to see whether Mrs McCluskey and Ziggy Greaves can reach the top of the class!

If you want to check out some classic Grange Hill you can purchase DVDs from Amazon by clicking on the links below.

Grange Hill on Amazon.



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