On Sale Down The Arndale!

Jack Grossman's Pop Pirates (1984)

Jack Grossman’s Pop Pirates (1984)

As well as the fantastic series 5 and 6 of Grange Hill being released on DVD, the end of 2018 also saw some other great GH connected material released.

The Children’s Film Foundation was responsible for many fantastic projects, lots of which were shown on Children’s BBC in the 80s as ‘Friday Film Specials’. Of course some of these films would feature GH alumini, and two such appearances are included in a new release ‘Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box’.

The classic ‘Pop Pirates’ featured Ricky Simmonds (Ant Jones) alongside The Who’s Roger Daltrey and has been sought after for many years on DVD. Ricky talks about ‘Pop Pirates’ in our interview here.  Lisa East, who played Christine Everson,  features in the highly regarded ‘4D Special Agents’. Both films are featured in this new box set, which also includes a documentary detailing the history of CFF.

Ricky and Lisa are both very happy to see their CFF Films finally released with Lisa telling us she received a copy as a birthday present last year.

You can purchase the Children’s Film Foundation Bumper Box here

You can purchase Grange Hill series 5 and 6 here.


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