Series 5 and 6 On DVD!

It’s been 11 years since series 1-4 of Grange Hill were released on DVD by the BBC. Unfortunately there wasn’t deemed to be a big enough market for further releases and the range stopped. However, here at Grange Hill Gold we receive constant requests for DVDs of the series, and finally someone has stopped to listen!image004

Eureka Entertainment are proud to announce the most anticipated release of the year, Grange Hill Series 5 & Series 6 Box Set

Available to own for the very first time from 19th November 2018. Here is your chance to relive your childhood watching this classic BBC Children’s series introducing us for the very first time to such famous characters such as Zammo, Roland, Fay, Annette,  Julie, Jonah and not forgetting “Gripper” Stebson.

The new collection features all 36 episodes from series 5 and 6, originally broadcast in 1982 and 1983. In case your mind needs refreshing about exactly what goes on in these two series, here are some handy summaries!

Grange Hill series 5 synopsis – First broadcast on 5th January 1982

It’s a new term at Grange Hill & new pupils including Zammo McGuire, Roland Browning, Annette Firman & Fay Lucas start at the school; “Gripper” Stebson quickly finds himself a new victim.   Jonah Jones & Zammo create havoc with stink bombs, much to the amusement of the boys. The offer of sex education lessons causes a mixture of mirth, embarrassment and consternation to both pupils and parents alike. An accusation of impropriety rocks the school and Stebson’s bullying culminates in a tragic accident. These are just some of the issues dealt with by head teacher, Mrs McClusky, as the term unfolds at Grange Hill

Grange Hill series 6 synopsis – First broadcast on 4th January 1983

A school trip to St Albans takes a potentially dangerous turn when Annette Firman & Julie Marchant foolishly accept a lift from strangers. Romance blossoms for Claire Scott & “Stewpot” as they get caught necking in a cupboard. Despite recent events, “Gripper” Stebson’s bullying escalates into racism that results in his suspension from the school. Mr McGuffey, often a quiet champion of satirical subversion, is suspended by Mrs McClusky leading the pupils to organise a rally for his return.

You can pre-order the DVD here.

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