Grange Hill Is Never Pointless!

gh4023621588_10213159074384563_4740749939188833455_nTo celebrate the 40th anniversary of Grange Hill, the BBC put together a special edition of Celebrity Pointless containing stars of the classic show. The special airs TONIGHT at 6:45pm on BBC 1 and features Todd Carty (Tucker Jenkins), Lee Macdonald (Zammo Maguire), Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott), Michelle Gayle (Fiona Wilson), Stuart Organ (Mr Robson), Alison Bettles (Fay Lucas), Francessca Martinez (Rachel Burns) and Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning).

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our site featuring interviews with many of the stars of Grange Hill, and also our most popular page ‘Where Are They Now?’ which has recently been updated. You can also follow us on Twitter @GrangeHillGold , and keep checking back here for regular updates about the 40th anniversary and many more exclusive features.


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