Happy 40th Birthday Grange Hill!

gh40Today is 40 years since Grange Hill was first broadcast. Running from 1978 until 2008, covering 31 series and 603 episodes, the series has been one of the most successful children’s television programmes ever. The antics of the pupils of Grange Hill had viewers hooked; whether it was Tucker and Benny, Trisha and Cathy, Zammo and Jackie, Roland and Janet, Robbie and Ziggy or a huge selection of other memorable characters, every viewer had a favourite. Coupled with gripping, edgy story-lines the show became essential viewing.

Whilst we are celebrating the 40th anniversary all year, for the actual day we’ve put together a few things to visit on Grange Hill Gold that help commemorate the screening of the very first episode.


Find out how it all began, read a feature with Phil Redmond and then read our interview with Anna Home who commissioned the series.

Reminisce with the original cast in our series of interviews with Benny Green (Terry Sue Patt), Ann Wilson (Lucinda Duckett), Tommy Watson (Paul McCarthy) and Justin Bennett (Robert Craig Morgan). 

Check out our episode guide for Series 1

Find out more about the designing of that iconic title sequence.

And finally, find out what the cast are up to in our ever popular Where Are They Now feature.

Please explore the wide range of other exclusive features on our site; designed to celebrate everything Grange Hill! The site is constantly being updated and over this anniversary year we have a wide range of exciting new additions! For an overview of everything we have covered, check out our regular blog posts in the Archive in the side bar.


2 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday Grange Hill!

  1. Just watched the 40th birthday messages from Paula Ann Bland and Ruth Carreway( who was in Dunedin, New zealand, where Grange Hill had a big following) There are more people in greater london then the whole of New Zealand! They said what an iconic show it was. Ok , some of it looks tame now, but not in the 1970s and 1980s. It was grounding breaking! In a word perfection.

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