23658696_10214750271052638_2081708695228893826_nNext year, Grange Hill celebrates its 40th anniversary and as part of those celebrations the BBC has gathered together some of the former cast for a special edition of Celebrity Pointless.

Michelle Gayle (Fiona Wilson), Gwyneth Powell (Mrs McClusky), Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott), Lee Macdonald (Zammo Maguire), Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), Francessa Martinez (Rachel Burns), Stuart Organ (Mr Robson), Alison Bettles (Fay Lucas) and Todd Carty (Tucker Jenkins) gathered back at Television Centre in late November to film the special episode. Whilst Erkan, Lee, Gwyneth and Michelle have all appeared before, this was a new experience for the rest.

23621588_10213159074384563_4740749939188833455_nAs well as celebrating Grange Hill’s anniversary, each cast member was aiming to win money for a cause close to their heart. Paula Ann Bland was representing her former co-star Linda Slater’s (Susi McMahon) charity The Good Grief Trust (Keep visiting GHG for a feature on this charity soon). As a result Linda Slater joined her co stars backstage!23559636_10213159184347312_5870148899110330953_n



A great time was had by all, and whilst we can’t reveal the result, we can reveal that one cast member gave another a pointless answer, whilst another was accused of cheating!

Celebrity Pointless – Grange Hill is set to be broadcast on BBC 1 in 2018.

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