Jossy’s Giant Festive Discount

Jossys_giants_mlIt’s very rare that we mention a programme other than Grange Hill on GHG, but as it’s Christmas, and this has some GH links, we’ll make an exception…….. AND we have a special festive gift for our readers!

As part of our work to persuade DVD companies to release Grange Hill on DVD, we were delighted to discover that another contemporary children’s drama was being released; Jossy’s Giants!

Broadcast in 1986/7, the show is fondly remembered by a generation of football mad kids that grew up in the ’80s. Directed by Edward Pugh (Grange Hill / Byker Grove) and written by much-loved TV personality and darts commentator Sid Waddell.

As a special offer for GHG Readers you can receive a 10% discount when you order Jossy’s Giants on DVD from Simply Home Entertainment. Following the link will automatically take 10% off your order when you visit, or alternatively enter the code GRANGE10 at the checkout.



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