‘The Forgotten Man Of Grange Hill’

Duane Orpington Grange Hill.jpg.opt229x283o0,0s229x283Mark Baxter played Duane Orpington between 1980-1984. Duane was the first of a new group of pupils, aimed at replacing the original ‘first years’ of Tucker Jenkins and Trisha Yates, as they moved up the school. Duane tried hard to stay on the right side of his violent father, getting into numerous scrapes alongside Pogo Patterson, and finally bringing down Gripper Stebson. Mark was one of the few constants in an ever-changing cast list for his ‘year-group’ until he himself disappeared from Grange Hill during the 1984 series.

Grange Hill Gold is delighted to be able to publish an exclusive interview with Mark in which he talks about his time at Grange Hill and why he’s sometimes known as ‘the forgotten man’ of Grange Hill. Check out our exclusive interview here and view some of Duane/Mark’s classic moments here.


One thought on “‘The Forgotten Man Of Grange Hill’

  1. Duane Orpington is not forgotten! I remember his crush on miss Jenny sexy Lexi Lexington, and the role he played in putting a stop to Grippers rein of terror.

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