Ziggy and Robbie Reunited

001a3c4800000258-3230921-image-a-20_1441991419576Grange Hill legends Robbie Wright and Ziggy Greaves made a dynamic duo during their time at Britain’s favourite secondary school. In November this year, actors John Alford and George Christopher were reunited for a Grange Hill event in Great Yarmouth.

Organised by friends of George Christopher, the event took place at the Pier Tavern on November 4th, and featured a live Q&A session with John and George, as well as autograph and photo opportunities with the pair.

What was clear from this enjoyable event was how George and John’s friendship, developed on screen in the 80s, wa14925329_10207552676003042_681559192632138480_ns just as strong today.
Happy to discuss their memories of
working together at Grange Hill, the duo were keen to make the event a success and chatted to guests throughout the evening, as well as having photos taken by the professional photographer.

During the Q&A subjects up for discussion, besides Grange Hill, included John’s music career (and George’s cameo in his video), George’s time on Brookside and John’s feelings about the recent conviction of the ‘Fake Sheikh’ who sabotaged John’s acting career.

The success of the event was mainly due to George and John themselves; their lively and warm personalities made everyone feel welcome, whilst their own delight at being reunited was shared by all who attended.


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