Back On The BBC! 


It’s been seven years since an episode of Grange Hill has been broadcast on the BBC. However, this Christmas, BBC4 is airing a classic episode in full as part of its ‘Golden Age Of Children’s Television’ evening. 

The chosen episode is episode 14 of series 9, in which Roland discovers Zammo unconscious after taking heroin. This episode kicked off Grange Hill’s ‘Just Say No’ storyline which became one of the best remembered and most controversial in the history of children’s television. 

The episode will be broadcast on BBC4, Monday 21st December at 20:35. For more details (or catch up after broadcast) visit

To find out more about the cast from these episodes and their recollections, check out our interviews section for exclusive interviews. 


3 thoughts on “Back On The BBC! 

  1. Personally I think they should have aired the one where Zammo ends up punching Kevin and the episode ends with Zammo scraping his drugs up off the floor as the police sirens get louder. But the one they chose was also a good choice. I expect the last appearance of Gripper as a pupil was a tad to risky in these PC times. Ironically the documentary reckoned good kids tv ended in 1985 but their GH episode was from 1986

  2. Fortunately I started recording GH in 1990 so thanks to the BBC and BSB was able to complete a full run, albeit 25 years of 31 only being VHS quality. The lacklustre BBC Video releases with their edits and tampering showed a home video release would never be satisfactory even if it did happen and I think the chances of substantial repeats are long gone so campaigning seems pointless. Until we get a proper BBC archive channel there’s just nowhere to put it. And to be fair, while I’m sure there would be a lot of interest if repeats did start I doubt there would be a large enough audience to keep it popular long enough for the hundreds of episodes to air so I think the best we can expect from the BBC is the odd episode here and there. I’m surprised no other channel has ever expressed an interest in buying it but again the problem remains that there isn’t currently any channels for which the show would fit into the schedule. All the kids channels want cartoons and American shows and the relatively slow and at times dated production style of GH make it of little interest to broadcasters today. What we need is the return of Bravo as it was 20 years ago but even back then Bravo, UK Gold and Granada+ discovered the audience for studio bound VT series was limited.

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