Farewell Terry.

41_terry_patt_01It has now been almost three months since the sad death of Terry Sue Patt, who played Grange Hill’s Benny Green. Grange Hill Gold has been inundated with messages expressing the sadness many Grange Hill viewers felt at the news, and just what Benny Green had meant to them.

Whilst Terry’s funeral was a private family affair, former cast members and friends are planning their own memorial for Terry.

Here at Grange Hill Gold, we feel nothing stands better as a tribute to Terry than the interview he did for us in 2013. You can read the interview here. Some of the tributes in the press summed up Terry’s work and the impact that his portrayal of Benny Green had on children across Britain . We have collected the best of them below.


The Guardian

*Detailed feature from The Guardian

The Independent

*BBC News Feature about the impact of Benny Green

We think that a man as unassuming as Terry had been, would have been overwhelmed by just how highly people thought of him, and how important he had made Benny Green, the boy without football boots,


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