Terry Sue Patt 1964-2015

181055_558266280857790_330834587_nIt is with huge sadness that GHG has to report the news that Terry Sue Patt who played Grange Hill’s Benny Green, has passed away.

Benny Green was the first Grange Hill pupil seen on screen, and it was Terry’s talented portrayal that persuaded the audience to fall in love with the talented footballer who couldn’t afford a pair of boots.

It was always clear that Terry had huge affection for his time in Grange Hill and he attended last year’s Grange Hill Memories convention where he talked animatedly about his time on the show.

hillboysv2As well as acting, Terry was a hugely talented street artist, producing a range of work and exhibitions, often inspired by Grange Hill.

GHG was fortunate enough to interview Terry and meet him again the following year. He was a friendly, thoughtful, engaging  and talented speaker and lit up the room at last year’s convention ; bringing together people from all eras.

Terry Sue Patt will be sorely missed.

You can read our interview with Terry here.

Grange Hill friends and co-stars have been posting messages on condolence, which we have shared below, as a tribute to Terry.

Robert Craig Morgan (Justin Bennett) –

“I can not find the words to describe my shock and utter sadness on hearing my good friend and Grange Hill colleague, Terry Sue Patt has passed away. Terry was a beautiful person, who I loved from the first time I met him.
A fine actor,artist and a great soul, he will be so missed by those who were lucky enough to have known him. I will treasure forever my memories of my friendship with him.
I’m devastated by hearing this, I send my deepest condolences to all his family and loved ones.
God bless you Terry. You are legend my friend.
xx xx”

Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott) – 

“I’m totally in shock and devastated at the passing of Terry Sue-Patt.
RIP lovely man xxx

Lee Macdonald – (Zammo Maguire)

“R.I.P. To the loveliest man you could EVER meet and my memories will stay with me FOREVER, love you R.I.P. To the loveliest man you could EVER meet and my memories will stay with me FOREVER, love you Xxxxx”


7 thoughts on “Terry Sue Patt 1964-2015

  1. So very sorry, i had the honour of meeting terry last year and some of the other cast of grange hill. Terry was kind enough to share an hour of his time wiv me and my friend, and we shared drinks and stories.
    He will b sadly missed !
    Rip, dear mate xxx

    • I woke up this morning to the terrible news. I just cannot believe it. He was part of my childhood. I have great memories of the early series of Grange Hill. God bless Terry R I P.

  2. I’ve just reached series 5 in my own repeat run of the show so Benny has been an integral part of my viewing for about the 5th time since I first watched him in 1978 so he will always be 14 or 15 to me and news like this comes as a sad shock. It won’t be the same watching him in action knowing he’s no longer with us. RIP Terry. You helped an interestingly written character become iconic for those of us of a certain age. Never to be forgotten. Thanks for the memories

  3. RIP Terry Sue Patt. A childhood legend that will NEVER be forgotten. Words cannot express how shocked and upset I am at his untimely passing.

  4. Dont have much to add to what others have said. Gone much to young. Living a mostley rural area I did not see many none white people in real life. But grange hill being set in multi racial London changed all that! Terry sue 1964 _2015. RIP YOU LOVELY BLOKE!

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