Farewell Mr Brisley

Adam_Ray2It is with sadness that Grange Hill Gold has to report the passing of Adam Ray, Grange Hill’s Mr Brisley.

Joining Grange Hill in 1992, Adam played Tom Brisley, the school’s art teacher until 1999. Fair, creative and firm Mr Brisley became a popular teacher at Grange Hill. The character caused controversy when it was revealed that he was gay, but Adam’s portrayal and sensitively written scripts received positive praise from critics.

Adam left Grange Hill after moving to Australia with his family, where he continued to act and work in design, proving he was just as talented artistically as his alter ego; Mr Brisley.

Adam Ray – 21st June 1958 – 12th October 2014


5 thoughts on “Farewell Mr Brisley

  1. Adam was a much loved brother to me, we went to drama school together and I know how much he loved working on Grange Hill. He was dedicated, creative, very funny and intensely loyal. He will never be forgotten.

  2. As usual Adam put all his best creative energy into his contribution to Grange Hill and I know he was very proud of being part of the show. He particularly valued the camaraderie of the other actors and crew.

  3. I’m extremely saddened to learn of Adam’s passing away. I worked with him at an art studio in central London during his Grange Hill years, where he was working concurrently as a freelance artist. We were not friends exactly, but he was one of the memorable ones there who made those days such a lot of fun.That’s not to say he spend his studio time performing, playing the actor and constantly seeking attention (that was left for others). Far from it; he worked hard as an artist, and took his work very seriously. But it was subtly clear that he did have a performer’s understanding of how to work an audience, and it came with an easy confidence to do it well, too; and when we did see that side of him it was magical – particularly his and P— C—‘s back-and-forth comic conversations. I remember seeing him only once in Grange Hill in those days, when someone brought on a small TV so that we could all watch his debut. Viewing his performance then, and tonight on You Tube, it occurs to me now as I think it did then, that the character he played was essentially the real Adam Ray: gentle, easy-going, witty and decent. I’m very glad that I knew him. I should like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to his family, belated though it is.

  4. I am so sad to hear of Adam’s passing away. I worked with him at Dobney Johnson in the 80’s…I was the receptionist and I remember him so well…..he was very quirky and very talented. So young to leave us….They were fun times in the Studio…it was one of my first jobs and I have such fond memories…my thoughts are with Adam’s family…xxx Tina O’Neill

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