McCluskey is Man Down Again!

EEA449E899CC42DE9FED627F5E141Grange Hill head-mistress Mrs McCluskey ruled her school with a firm hand, but also showed a softer side and a great sense of humour. Actress Gwyneth Powell who played Mrs McCluskey from 1981-1991 might have moved on from Grange Hill, but has seen recent comedy success playing ‘Mum’ in Rick Davies Channel 4 sitcom, with Rik Mayall as her husband.

Gwyneth got in touch to tell us that a second series has been commissioned.

” Glad that the web site is proving such a success, and yes, I’m very pleased to tell you that we will be filming a new series of Man Down this summer for transmission in the autumn. Glad you all enjoyed it, we all had a ball!” Gwyneth told us.

As soon as a transmission date is confirmed, Grange Hill Gold will keep you posted! Series 1 of ‘Man Down’ is set for a DVD release on October 13th 2014.

You can read our exclusive interview with Gwyneth here.


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