Brand New Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon!

Grange Hill Gold is pleased to announce the completion of two brand new interviews with Grange Hill CIMAG0005ast members.

Margo SelbyFirst of all is Margo Selby who played Julie Corrigan from 1990 onwards, becoming one of Grange Hill’s longest serving characters. Margo tells us about her memories of Grange Hill and how she’s found success in an area very different to acting.

Also coming soon, is an interview with Lucinda Curtis who played PE Teacher Mrs Liz Reagan in which she talks about her time at Grange Hill playing a mother and a teacher between 1986 and 1988.

As well as that, a long completed exclusive interview with James Wynn who played teacher Mr ‘Sooty’ Sutcliffe from Series 2-5, will also finally be published on Grange Hill Gold.

Keep visiting Grange Hill Gold for all these latest additions coming up in the new few weeks.



One thought on “Brand New Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon!

  1. Mr. Mark Eadie,if you’re out there,I’d love to read an interview with you!
    You were a huge part of GH and are very much missed.
    I hope you’re well and happy : )

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